1st Annual The Hill Games

Feb. 23rd – Mar. 28th


The Purpose of the first annual “Hill Games” is simple: have fun, build community, commit to working hard, and see some great results in the process! You do not need to sign up for the CrossFit Games Open to participate, unless you’d like to see how you stack up across the world.


Every team will have a team captain; a coach to help guide, inspire, and tally points. Teams will have the ability to earn points throughout the Hill Games to go toward a grand prize along with random drawings along the way. Teams will be drafted according to what level they’ll be participating in the Open workouts.


Teams will earn points based on several categories: attendance throughout the week, participation and scores in the Open Workouts, and a “spirit of the Games” award will be awarded weekly.
-Each team member can earn up to 5 points/week for their team based solely on attendance. (1 point for regular WODs and 2 points for participation in an Open WOD). You must sign into Wodify for attendance to count.
-The top 2 Female and top 2 Male finishers in each division will also earn their team 1 point per finish. Results must be recorded in Wodify.
-The Spirit of the Games award is worth 5 points weekly and will be awarded to the team that demonstrates an exceptional example of community, commitment, and fun.


Your captains will keep track of your scores, provide some guidance and direction in the workouts, and help lead you to which level you should be participating. Your team captains are:Brian Z, Jamie Thomas, David Ochoa, Kyle Smith, Chad Trease, Brianna Walters, Steph, Maggie, Matt, Josh.


Your coaches will ultimately let you know at which level you should participate, but here is a general idea of where you’ll participate. Please note that teams will be drafted to have equal participants in each level. If you are routinely finishing 1st in a level, your coach reserves the right to move you up a level.
Level 1 – Ring Rows, 75/35 Snatch, 95/55 Clean, Step-Ups, Single Unders
Level 2 – Ring Dips, 2-5 Unassisted Pull-Ups, 135/95 Snatch, 155/105 Clean, K2E, Box Jumps, 25 DU
Level 3 – Ring Muscle Ups, 185/115 Snatch, 225/155 Clean, TTB, 10 C2B Pull Up, Double Unders

*These guidelines are a rough idea of levels. All the workouts will be accessible at a comparable level for ALL Athletes*

Please request to join this Facebook Group to be drafted onto a team. If you don’t have Facebook, email Matt@CrossFitMemorialHill.com to be put on a team.


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