2016 Member Survey

Thanks to everyone who took the time over the last 2 weeks to complete our Annual Member Survey. We love to hear from you and appreciate your feedback! Here are some of the main findings and fun things to come:

1. Coaching

This one really got me excited. Nearly 94% of you reported coaching as being one of the main reasons you stick around The Hill. Two years ago, coaching was not nearly the focal-point that it is today. After our 2014 Survey, I set out to create a robust evaluation protocol with our staff as well as annual continuing education requirements. I’m proud to say that our coach’s education program is now being used as an example for CrossFit Affiliates all over the world. Our commitment to never settling for just OK in this department has never been clearer.

2. Monthly Social Events

It was nice to hear that these are important to you. We will certainly continue to do monthly social and charitable events here at The Hill.

3. Additional, included class offerings.

There were two clear frontrunners here: “Thirty | 30” – a 30 minute workout followed by a 30 minute mobility session and “CrossFit Lite” – the day’s WOD minus the strength session plus some extra work, all in 30 minutes so you can get to the office on time. Look for a 6-8 week trial of these classes coming when we release our Fall/Winter schedule.

4. Additional Coaching & Programming

Weightlifting, Strength, and Yoga were overwhelming leaders in this department. Your coaches are currently working on programming and fitting these into their schedules. Also look for these to release on the Fall/Winter schedule.

5. WOD Tracking Software

While not a question on the survey, this has definitely come up quite a bit. The decision to move away from Wodify (WOD tracking, billing, and retail all-in-one) was one that was made because the monopoly of offerings was becoming increasingly cost prohibitive. To stay on the platform would have required a membership increase without the addition of new services, equipment, or offerings – something I’ve avoided at all costs.

With that being said, there are certainly other options in the marketplace. If you’d like to be a part of a beta group that makes recommendations on this front, reach out to me and we’ll put something together. We’d move forward with a 10% representation of the gym.

6. Goal Setting and Availability

While something that’s always been available, I’ll use this opportunity to remind you that I’m always available for a goal setting session, complaint session, or to share some bright spots in your life. After about 45 goal sessions, I’ve created some intake forms that will make these more valuable than ever.

You can schedule time with me here: http://www.meetme.so/Scanlon

Thanks again for taking the time to complete the survey, thanks for supporting and being kind each other, and thanks for building such an awesome community.