5 Reasons CrossFit Is Scary

5 Reasons Crossfit is Scary

“That’s crazy. I could never do it.”

After interactions with well over 4,000 people along their fitness journey, I’ve heard literally every reason why someone can’t do this or that. Honestly, there’s not much new under the sun. The unfortunate fact of the matter is most people have resolved to fail something before ever trying it. It’s unfortunate, but true. Instead of trying for the thousandth time to talk someone down, let’s just face it head on. Yes – CrossFit is scary. Hell, life is scary. Here are some reasons why.

1. You’ll try something new.

My lovely wife just bought me a new watch. When it came, it was just a tad too big, so I had to go get some links removed. I had to go to a wonderfully helpful local jeweler to complete this task. I’ll be honest – the minute I walked in the door I knew I didn’t belong in there.

One of the benefits of owning your own businesses is that you set the dress code. For me, this is the same 10 t-shirts and a rotating stock of 10 pairs of shorts every week. I was obviously not dressed to be in this store. I stood out like a sore thumb. Amidst all the jet-setting wives picking out their next $20,000 piece of bling, there was me – flat-brimmed hat, t-shirt, and Reebok sweatpants.

Needless to say, the security guard had eyes on me from Jump Street. My number was passed over by multiple attendants. It was the most out-of-place I’ve ever felt. But – that’s because it was A NEW EXPERIENCE. After that first exposure, the next time will be much easier. And the time after that – it’ll be old hat.

Just because it’s fitness and exercise doesn’t mean that you won’t have some first-time jitters. You have them for anything. It goes away after 2-3 times through the door. But understand it’s not the exercise method, brand, or style. It’s simply the fact that you’re trying something new. New things are always scary – scary helps you grow. Embrace it.

2. You’ll be using your body…

And all the baggage that comes with it. And – trust me – there’s a lot. Past feelings of physical abilities, looking in the mirror, being picked last (or first) at recess. It’s all out there. This is probably one of the biggest areas that hamstrings people from starting up a healthful habit. Past feelings are just too much to deal with.

I’m not going to try and talk you out of this baggage. In fact, I advocate that you embrace it. But, more powerfully, I encourage you to embrace the baggage of others. It’s so easy to try something new and replay the broken record in your head of: You don’t understand my situation. was born with _____. Everyone will be looking at me. 

We’ve heard it all. The path forward is clear: No more “I’s” “me’s” and “my’s.” Think “how,” “why,” and “when.” That’s where you’ll find success.

3. But the people are in such good shape.

Yes. They all woke up that way. No one ever put in hard work, planned their meals, or had been grinding it out for years. They were all born with chiseled bodies and an uncanny athletic ability. Seriously?

Since diving head first in this industry, I’ve found it quite interesting that there are essentially two types of marketing imagery in fitness: Fitness Models and Actual Members of a Gym. Wouldn’t you prefer to be a part of a gym that actually delivers results instead of one that pays models who have never stepped foot in the facility?

It’s an ironic juxtaposition, no doubt; people are more intimidated by a gym that delivers results.

4. But the women are so…

They’re what? Strong? Capable? Confident? More concerned about what they’re body can do than what it looks like?

Yes. Those are all true.

5. I know a guy who ____ at a CrossFit gym.

Here’s the deal: CrossFit is an affiliate business model. One CrossFit affiliate is as similar to another as one restaurant is to another – they both serve food. But, beyond that, just about everything is different.

Programming, community, coaching, cleanliness, business systems, cost, quality, members. All different.

I knew a guy who got food poisoning at a restaurant. Are they all dishing out e Coli on the daily? Of course not. We’re all smart enough to understand nuance in nearly every area of life – don’t throw your blinders on with your health and wellness. Do some research.

Here’s the funny thing about how scary CrossFit can be – never has anyone tried it at The Hill and still felt that way. Give it a shot. It could absolutely not be for you – it’s certainly not for everyone. But at least you gave it a shot. Trust me – you’ll be glad you tried something new.



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