Kansas City's first Health Collective

We are a group of independent doctors, fitness studios, and nutrition experts with a single goal: to help you navigate better health in a positive environment.

CrossFit Memorial Hill

Building a diverse community of athletes who live long, full lives.

CrossFit Memorial Hill has been providing functional movement to downtown Kansas City since 2012. Unique workouts and professional coaches ensure your CrossFit experience is fun, safe, and effective. Intro programs help you get started no matter your age or experience level.


Ready Set Flow Yoga

Yoga for people who don't do yoga.

Whether you want to relieve the stress of your demanding job or recover from a grueling workout, this studio is your new home.

Try a flow class for a great full-body workout or try a recovery workout to find your center. Either way, you’ll find yourself at home in this accepting, all levels environment.


UNbroken Chiropractic

Dr. Heather's mission is to help you move more, feel better and live your BEST life.

Our mission is to help people move more, feel better and live their BEST life. Our comprehensive assessment includes body movement, functional and performance lifestyle and goals.

Our professional approach extends beyond treatment with an emphasis on education and prevention.


V6 Pain Solutions and Physical Therapy

We help athletes and active adults get out of pain and back to what you love.

If you’re a motivated athlete or active adult in pain looking for a solution, reach out to Dr. Jason.

If you’re ready to get out of pain, Dr. Jason offers complimentary Discovery Sessions over the phone or in person.



Standard Cuts

When you feel your best you want to look your best.

Better health is about feeling and looking your absolute best. Mike — the Conspicuous Barber — brings refined barbering for Kansas City’s discerning gentleman to The Hill.


Helping Veterans, First Responders, and People with Disabilities access fitness through scholarship programs.

Better health should be accessible to everyone. Bloc Life is a Missouri 501(c)3 non-profit organization located at The Hill. Bloc Life provides courses for Veterans & First Responders to work out together and support one another.

We also host programs for people with disabilities to gain confidence while working out in an accessible, supportive environment.

All programs have needs-based scholarships available.


Want to learn more?

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