April Featured Athlete: Dan Heizman

Lover of his family,
fire fighting,
Mexican food, and
Power Cleans!





  1. What’s your athletic background?

    I grew up playing a number of different sports including football, baseball, tennis, wrestling and I even tried to run track but quickly found that I hated running long distances.  When I went to college, I found rugby and ended up playing for about 12 years.

  2. What was your first experience with CF?

    A fellow firefighter introduced me to CrossFit and talked me into coming down to the old Rivermarket CrossFit to try it out.

  3. When did you start CF?

    I think my first CrosFiit classes were about 5 years ago.

  4. Why did you choose CrossFit Memorial Hill?

    I moved back to Brookside after a little stint living in the northland and was looking for a new box closer to home.  After dropping in and checking out a few, I found Memorial Hill and knew it was my spot.  We have a large space, a great community and great coaches.

  5. What keeps you coming back?

    I feel like crap if I don’t workout regularly.  I also quit playing rugby due to my body getting old and not recovering properly, as well as work and family time obligations.  CrossFit gives me just enough of that competitive camaraderie and it helps me get out the stress I used to burn off by colliding with other people.

  6. Why do you live in KC and how do you like to spend your free time?

    I was fortunate enough to get a job with KCFD when I was 21, so I’m stuck in KC for at least a dozen more years.  Plus, now I have some little ones that will keep me around town at least until they graduate.

  7. What do you like about KC?

    I’m not actually a huge fan of KC… lol.  Cost of living is good, I’ve got a lot of friends, we actually have pretty solid food choices, and if you don’t count Kansas we are really close to Colorado.

  8. What are one or two improvements you have seen in your life since starting CF?

    When I stopped playing rugby I got pretty out of shape and gained a decent amount of weight.  CrossFit has got me back to where I was athletically and once I focused on my diet, I am probably as fit and healthy as I was when I got on the fire department.

  9. What are your goals for 2017?

    I’d like to add muscle, lose fat, and continue to progress on my gymnastic movements.  Increasing my PR’s would be nice too, I  suppose.

  10. What would you say to someone thinking about starting CF?

    Stop thinking about it and do it.  If you give it a month, you’ll know if it’s for you.  If it is, it will change your life.

  11. What’s your favorite & least favorite CF movement?

    Favorite would be Power Clean. It was the only movement I excelled at in high school.  I doubled my body weight on PC in high school, granted I only weighed 125.  Least favorite would be snatch, of any kind.  Barbell, dumbbell, kettle bell.

  12. What’s your favorite cheat meal?

    Mexican food is pretty awesome.  Alcohol isn’t a meal but I’d throw it in there.  It also goes great with the Mexican food.

  13. Anything else you would like to share with The Hill family?

    Just want to say thanks to everybody who makes Memorial Hill what it is; owners, coaches, and athletes.  You all make it actually enjoyable to go punish ourselves day in and day out with the hope that we come out the other side just a little better.