ATTN Employers: Hire more CrossFitters!

Having had the unique opportunity to assemble and lead many diverse teams of employees and volunteers, I’ve come to this seemingly obvious conclusion: CrossFitters make the best employees.  Here’s how:CFMH 2

  1. Checked Ego – Embedded deep in the DNA of a CrossFitter is a desire to work on one’s weaknesses. So you can back squat 500 pounds? Great, go run a 5k. On any given day CrossFitters willingly walk into their gym knowing they’ll face weaknesses head-on and come out a little better on the other side.
  2. Attention to detail – “Move your hands out 2 inches.” “Your left foot needs to land 1/8 of a second before your right.” The perfection of human movement exists in the minutia. And CrossFitters love it. As they develop as athletes their attunement to fine detail grows dramatically.
  3. Welcomes correction – Imagine chatting with an employee about a project that was adequate, but not great. You lay on some tough, but constructive criticism. Your employee is extremely grateful, if not ecstatic about your tough love. This is the relationship that CrossFitters develop with their coaches everyday. We welcome and crave the correction of the watchful eye of our coach.
  4. Social outlet – I love efficiency. I was drawn to the idea that I could work out and develop rich friendships all in an hour a day. It’s great. As professional adults, it becomes increasingly difficult to find new, meaningful interaction. This happens all the time and iCFMH 1s encouraged at the CrossFit gym.
  5. Stress management – Think about this: CrossFit will likely be the most challenging thing your employee does on any particular day. Imagine everything in the office being perceived as manageable and attainable? CrossFitters routinely practice new and developing skills; often times experiencing frustration and joy once the skill is mastered. I promise you “Fran” is more of a mental hurdle than anything you could throw at an employee.
  6. Lower healthcare costs – This is obvious. Lifestyle diseases have drastically surpassed all others in loss of healthcare dollars for companies. Seriously. What we’re doing IS NOT WORKING. Yet, every CF gym in the world has over a dozen stories of life-altering improvements in health. Get with it, employers.
  7. Pursuit of virtuosity – CrossFitters celebrate. Your training partner gets a personal best and you guys share in the joy. Shortly after the celebration is over, the PR’ing CrossFitter wants another 5 pounds next week. The pursuit is never over.
  8. Punctual – Class starts and ends at exactly the same time, everyday. CrossFitters practice and plan for punctuality every single day. Not only for themselves, but for the good of their class.
  9. Sharp – I was chatting with one of my clinical Psych professors one day and she explained to me that, despite our refusal to accept it, our brains CFMH 3operate much like a dog in a backyard. It’s wired since birth to take the same route around the outside of the yard, ultimately wearing down the grass to where there’s only dirt along the dog’s chosen path. The brain needs intervention if we’re to create new synapses, stay sharp, and stave off depression. Many therapists will prescribe their clients take random routes to work as a way of exercising their brain & interrupting the “dog path.” CrossFit is full of new & functional movement. The brain must be engaged and sharp to practice and learn these new movements.
  10.  Networked – Looking around my most recent class I saw: 2 physicians, 2 pharmacists, 3 attorneys, 1 CPA, 1 pharmacy school student, 2 law students, and 1 educational administrator. The CrossFit gym is not only a place where people get really fit, but it’s a well-connected group of like-minded, motivated individuals. Quit sending your employees to happy hours and useless luncheons and send them somewhere that is more efficient in it’s ability to yield physical and professional results.  Interested in chatting more? Shoot me an email: