Be Like Water

I don’t know what to do about systemic racism in America. I never imagined that I would need to formulate a statement on behalf of our community. I feel ill-equipped and under-educated. I have no idea the pain, suffering, and fear that many in this country have lived under for generations.

And that’s my fault.

It took 8 minutes and 46 seconds of utter horror for me to learn that Black Lives Matter.

And that’s where we are at The Hill.

Confused. Fractured. Sad.

Greg Glassman — the founder of CrossFit — made some abhorrent, racist, and insensitive statements. He stepped down, issued an apology, and CrossFit is now under new leadership. Since then over 1,000 — roughly 7% — CrossFit gyms have disassociated themselves from the brand.

I’ve been asked what The Hill plans to do.

First, we denounce these abhorrent statements.

Second, we expect more — much more — than simply a CEO-swap.

Third, we will continue to provide a caring & honest environment for you regardless of name.

If we do not feel that CrossFit makes sweeping, systemic changes to their operating system we will remove our affiliation from the brand.

I’ve received countless, varied opinions from dozens of people over the last 48 hours. Each justified. Each valid. Each confident in their assessment of the situation. I believe my role is to reflect the values of our community in our business. In this case, there does not seem to be a clear consensus. So I must refer back to our mission statement:

To build an inclusive community of positive, hardworking, and humble people who live long, full lives.

Build an inclusive community.

You step through the door you’re family. Families disagree, fight, grow resentful and — through that struggle — develop a stronger love and appreciation for one another.


See the good. See redemption. Forgive.


Anything worth having will be difficult and take time.


I don’t have all the answers.

Long lives.

We’ll fight chronic disease with ferocity.

Full lives.

Do more. See more. Have fun with friends. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Those are the values that I’ll use to guide our community. I don’t know what that looks like but it’s the rubric I’ll use.

The Hill is here for you. Not to be some savior or expert. But to get messy, sweaty, fall down, and get back up. I’ll do better to keep you informed as our plans progress.

Any misstep you see from The Hill is not a reflection on our partners, our staff, or our members.

It is my fault.

I’m here listening. Swing by and grab a coffee.

Matt Scanlon