A Functional Fitness Class for Cancer Survivors

More than fitness.

BUILD is designed to help with the physical side effects of diagnosis and treatment. But, more importantly, BUILD is a group of survivors who get it. A dedicated community built on camaraderie, hard work, and understanding.

From BUILD Participants:

  •  16.4% Improvement in reported Quality of Sleep
  • 46.49% Increase in reported Productivity and Focus
  • 55.84% Improvement in reported Fatigue
  • 42.85% Improvement in reported Mood

What BUILDers are saying

“I am so thankful to have the support and encouragement of Sami and Matt. I never would’ve imagined being in a CrossFit community because I know how weak and out of shape I am. I am amazed at how much I have been able to do. I am focused and ready to transition my physical and mental status!”

“I love BUILD! I appreciate the rigor of the workout coupled with appropriate, yet challenging modifications when needed. The culture of the group is probably the element that keeps me coming back. I love the range of skills & seeing the gals that are older than me put in so much effort has been motivating.”

“The class is amazing. Sami is great about challenging us each session but offering us ability to scale up or down as we need. I like that I am building confidence and getting cardio beyond walking. Breaking a sweat several times a week rather than every other month is great. I know I have a huge hill to climb to get in to the shape I should be, getting this focused group together lets me get started on the journey in a non threatening way.”

“It has been an extremely positive experience. I am thankful for the caring support from Sami and Matts encouragement. They have made me feel welcomed and comfortable in the CrossFit community.” 

Get Involved

Whether your a survivor, caretaker, or medical provider – we want you to get involved. Here’s how:

  • Join us for a free workout on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6:00pm
  • Share this page on social media
  • Tell your friends

**BUILD is partially funded through matching funds from The Hill member dues and fees paid by participants. We have $100 scholarships available if there is an additional financial barrier to participation**

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