Chalk Up for Burpees

Chalk Up for Burpees

Veterans’ Day (Observed) Nov. 10th, 2017
All Classes

What is it?

Chalk up for Burpees is an annual event to bring awareness to and honor our nation’s heroes.

The Workout

7:00 of Burpees with chalked hands.

Why Burpees?

Every year we opt to do burpees on Veterans’ Day for several reason:

  • Burpees are universal. Anyone at any fitness level can modify a burpee to participate at any level.
  • Burpees are simple, but difficult
  • You can always do one more burpee
  • Burpees are as mental as they are physical

Why Chalk? 

This year, we’re choosing to chalk up for burpees as a living memorial to honor current and past veterans. Getting handprints on a black mat is taboo; it stands out. Often times we choose to celebrate veterans when it is convenient, yet ignore the more taboo aspects of a return to civilian life – depression, suicide, unemployment, and feelings of not belonging. We want each handprint to represent a veteran struggling with issues that are taboo. We want to see each handprint at the end of the workout. We want each of our handprints to represent our support.

We also want to get chalk on the floors as an expression of gratitude. Coaches and gym owners all around the world bemoan the need to clean up after athletes’ handprints. By willingly getting handprints all over the floor, we’re giving thanks that cleaning a floor is the extent of our problems. Our hope is that this illuminates the insignificance of our struggles and stressors; that our job and family stress are nothing compared to the sacrifices made by veterans and their families. We will gratefully clean up every handprint.

Get Involved

Participate. Show up, share with your friends, and feel a deep sense of gratitude.