Christopher and Mandy Beltz

Team Beltz!


It seems fitting that we met at a gym in Kansas City almost 5 years ago and then got married back in 2011. In the short years that we’ve been together we’ve become inseparable and have combined our love of working out to include the other. We’ve been involved in some aspect of fitness since we were kids: Christopher has a background in weightlifting and cycling, and Mandy has a background in weightlifting and endurance running. We’ve completed organized bike rides, half and full marathons, and adventures races; all the while supporting and cheering on one another or tackling them as a team. We love the outdoors and anything that challenges our physical abilities. When we stumbled upon CrossFit, we knew that this was something we had to do. We knew that this was going to be the next level in our fitness that would push us even further than we had before and would challenge us on every level. Taken from a quote from Mandy, “CrossFit can make me feel in 20 minutes the same as I do running 4 hours in a marathon.” Needless to say, it has become our new passion, and we love the challenges it provides us. We are grateful to be a part of CrossFit Memorial Hill and love our new-found family there! Thank you to all that help and push us to be better. 

Coach’s note:
Mandy and Christopher exemplify the very core of CrossFit: working hard, having fun, and never shying away from weaknesses. From day 1, their attitude has been unwaveringly positive in achieving new goals and acquiring new skills. Never will you hear “I can’t”, but you’ll be sure to hear “I will, one day.” The entire coaching staff is honored to have the Beltz’ in class and they’re positive attitude is absolutely contagious. Congrats, guys!


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