Christopher Shaw: Featured Athlete of October

Coachable | Hardworking | Positive
These are the attributes we look for in the Athletes of The Hill.


“Chris Shaw – Otherwise known as Dr. Shaw, Chris is the face of what it means to take control and get what you want out of life.  With his hectic work schedule he always makes it in for open gym or a class if he has the time. Chris also is a great mentor and friend to his 3 kids who frequently accompany him to the gym.”



What is your favorite color?

Pick a silly question or answer them all: What would your spirit animal be? If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
Sea Turtle, hands down and my super power would be to be able to lift more than Hoeppner 🙂

Row, Bike or Run? & Why?
“For me running was always a punishment growing up Playing soccer through college but of those 3 options which the one that I’m not terrible at…

I like rowing, Although it definitely is not a strength of mine…

Bike=Torture device conceived by masochist’s… But I made a promise to try to improve on the bike in 2019! Go ahead and keep programming @jrandall_movement”



What is your favorite CrossFit Movement?
Deadlift and cleans!

Favorite Restaurant in KC? Or favorite Cheat Meal?
KC Restaurant…La Bodega Cheat meal: Tacos and Tequila!

When did you start working out at The Hill?
2011…when we were still working out in the park…before The Hill 1.0 was open…it was the first thing since college that got me truly motivated to be fit again…I love this place!
What were some of the emotional or physical challenges you were having before you started at CrossFit Memorial Hill? I had very recently become a single father of 2 little boys under the age of 5…I was pretty sad at the time…I lost 17 pounds and got down to the same weight I was in high school…I was not really taking care of myself, and I told myself it was because I was too busy with my job and being a dad.

What did the frustration feel like as you tried to solve those challenges before you started at The Hill?
I felt like every day was just something to endure rather than savor, I knew I needed something to help me cope, and didn’t want to fall into the things that people often do when they are down…then I was introduced to The Hill.

How have you seen those challenges improve since joining The Hill? What does life looks like now?
One of my best friends from med school had been trying for over a year to get me to come try CrossFit…she finally succeeded and I was hooked after the first class. I geeked out watching CF videos joined up and it changed my entire outlook. I remember after about a month feeling like I was myself again. My energy and patience and outlook all improved and I looked forward to life again.

How is The Hill different than other gyms you’ve been to?
Hands down it’s the community…best coaches, athletes…if I have had a hard day, I know that if I just show up I will feel better (that or a particular coach who shall not be named will email me about my absences).

What keeps you coming back? And where do you find your motivation when the workout looks difficult?
King Kong.

How do you make working out fit into your busy schedule?
It is the thing that I do just for me…I’m a big believer in exercise as medicine…and when I am good about not making excuses, even if I can only get in 20 minutes it makes me better at all other aspects of my life. That’s another thing that hooked me on CF, where else can you do a workout for 4 minutes and be wrecked for two days (ahem…thanks Fran).

What would you say to someone thinking about starting CrossFit?
Absolutely do it…

What are some of your goals in or out of the gym?
Personal Records or achievements that your proud of? In 2019 I want to be able to clean 250, so that I can do King Kong, which has been a goal since the first time I saw a video of it in 2013…

What would your dream workout be?
Deadlift and Push Ups (I really like short heavy couplets with a bar and gymnastic movement).

Anything else you would like to share with our #fitfam?
Thank you all for being such a great team and for making The Hill what it is!