CrossFit Memorial Hill Referral Program


No question — you guys are the best group of fun, hard-working, dedicated, welcoming CrossFitters on the planet. We’re amazed daily at the support and love you show to each other.

For that reason, we’re looking to you guys to grow.  Instead of spending money outside to bring people in, we wanted to give you guys the opportunity to save on YOUR membership while bringing new faces in the door. Here’s how the program works:

1. You give a friend a $25 gift card (on us) to CrossFit Memorial Hill.
2. They sign up for a free class here.
3.  If they like it, they get $25 off their first month.
4. If they become an unlimited member, you get $10 off every month they renew.
5. Repeat.
6. You continue to get $10 off per member you refer for the life of your’s & their memberships. If you have 5 friends join, YOUR MEMBERSHIP IS FREE.