Ditch the Scale – Body Composition Testing at The Hill

Ditch the scale for body fat testing

The Hill is proud to announce that we are the first CrossFit affiliate in Kansas City MO to offer body composition and body fat testing. By using the InBody body composition test, we’re able to deliver accurate, measurable data previously only available in a clinical setting. New members, current members, and nutrition services clients have access to body fat testing using the non-invasive InBody machine.

Why you should ditch the scale

We all know that the scale falls short, but have you ever thought about what it actually measures? Simply put, measuring your weight on a scale only tells you the force of earth’s gravitational pull on your body. It doesn’t tell you if you’re healthy. It doesn’t tell you if you’re in shape. It doesn’t tell you what and how much to eat. It doesn’t tell you if you’re doing the right workouts. It doesn’t tell you if you’re actually losing fat.

What should you measure?

With InBody, we can measure better data. We can measure the amount of water, lean tissue, and fat that is in your body. We can also calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (do you actually have a “slow” or “fast” metabolism?). We can also measure your muscle symmetry from side to side.

Why it’s important

When you are trying to lose weight, it is important that we understand what type of weight you are losing. If you’re losing lean tissue, you will experience negative long-term consequences – typically gaining back MORE weight than you initially lost. If you’re losing water weight, we know that will come back as well. Most fad diets that report rapid weight loss cause adherents to lose lean tissue and water weight. When it comes to long-term weight loss, our goal is to lose fat mass. By following a responsible nutrition plan and working out regularly with resistance training, cardio, and interval training you can expect to lose up to one pound of fat per week.

Want to try it out?

Schedule a time to swing by for a Body Composition test at The Hill by going to the Get Started page and selecting “Body Composition Testing” in the drop-down. http://crossfitmemorialhill.com/get-started/