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Use the calendar to schedule a time that works for you. Questions? See below:

Equipment Check Out and Exchange

Active members of The Hill can check out equipment for FREE during Kansas City's Shelter-in-Place order.

Who can check out equipment?

If you have an active Group, Private Coaching, or Small Group membership you can check out equipment to use at home.

Do you have______available?

We're still working on an automated inventory system so stay tuned! In the meantime, you can email to see whats available. Please allow at least 12 hours for an inventory request and please use email so we can best serve you.

For how long may I keep the equipment?

Depending upon what you check out, we ask that you return it within 10 days, give or take depending upon appointment availability. High demand items - like rowers - will need to be returned so that your fellow athletes have a chance to use them.


This is my first time checking out. Am I in the right place? I see that it says "exchange."

Yes! You're in the right spot. Schedule your 1st - or 50th - pick up/exchange here.

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