Eric Hurst: Feat. Athlete of June 2019

Coachable | Hardworking | Positive

These are the attributes we look for in the Athletes of The Hill.

“Each human within our walls is so uniquely wonderful, and Eric is no exception to that.

Someone who is here truly for himself, but doesn’t behave selfishly. He doesn’t get up caught up in comparing his workout to anyone else’s, because he knows and understands that his effort is his alone.

No one can add or detract from that, and he takes great ownership of that fact. He’s always here to encourage, support, and cheer others on, the true embodiment of living the value of positivity.

I look forward to coaching Eric anytime he is in my class, he is always hungry to learn and apply what he is given, even if that means slowing down or taking weight off the bar. Eric believes in fitness for life, and it’s a joy to be a part of his journey.”

-Coach Brianna

Let’s get to know more about Eric…

What is your favorite color? I’m partial to blue, but mostly wear black because it’s simple and I once read that people who wear all black are perceived to be intelligent. Whatevs.

Pick a silly question or answer them all: What would your spirit animal be? If you could have one superpower, what would it be? My spirit animal is California. Really, the only superpower I want is the ability to not get angry. Especially with my kids.

Row, Bike or Run? & Why? This is going to sound so Coach’s Pet, but I really like each quite a lot. Rowing is such a great all around workout. We have a Water Rower and it’s quite soothing. Biking is, again, a great all around workout, but my family has gotten in the habit of taking rides together and I wouldn’t ever trade that. Running is just a great solo activity. Put on some headphones and hit some hills. Feels great.

What is your favorite CrossFit Movement? Anything with a sledgehammer. Followed closely by anything with a barbell.

Favorite Restaurant in KC? Or favorite Cheat Meal? Naked Burnt Ends at Char Bar with all the fries.

When did you start working out at The Hill? August, 2018.

What were some of the emotional or physical challenges you were having before you started at CrossFit Memorial Hill? I felt like I had reached a plateau. It’s tempting to blame programming, or a coach, or whatever, but when it comes down to it, I wanted a change, and knew that one would do me well. I was in pain all the time, mostly from allowing myself to be guilted into doing more than I should. Emotionally, there was a lot of over the top machismo I allowed myself to take part in. It wasn’t healthy.

What did the frustration feel like as you tried to solve those challenges before you started at The Hill? It felt like the morning after you drank WAY too much and you’re mad at yourself because you promised yourself yesterday you weren’t going to do that but here you are with the worst headache running to the nearest bathroom and moaning, “OH GOD I’M DONE DRINKING FOREVER!” and then later that night you’re cracking open another cold one knowing good and damn well what tomorrow morning holds.

How have you seen those challenges improve since joining The Hill? What does life looks like now? I’m much more comfortable scaling back and being honest with myself about what I’m truly capable of. Additionally, I’m able to recognize that if I do the prescribed weight, I may not finish, but if I drop down a few lbs, I’m still going to get a great workout and that massive endorphin rush at the end that I’m a complete junkie for. In the end, it’s about staying active well into my later years. That’s all I want.

“The first thing that comes to mind when I think about Eric is that he is one of the most encouraging members we have at The Hill.

Within our gym, he is usually the first to celebrate the successes of those around him, and it’s clear that he does this because he genuinely likes to see those around him improve their lives.

Since joining us last fall, Eric has improved his fitness and movement tremendously by always showing up willing to listen and work on his weaknesses, which is inspiring to everyone around him. In the gym (and in life), it’s easy to cherry pick and focus on the things we’re good at, but Eric isn’t one to take the easy route, and I firmly believe that’s why he’s made so many strides lately.

Not only does Eric show up to the gym ready to work hard, but he’s an incredibly passionate individual when it comes to his work and social issues, and that shines through in all the conversations he has. Eric is a dedicated family man and a prime example of how the work we do inside the gym translates to leading a healthier, more balanced life outside of the gym as well.“

-Coach Jay

How is The Hill different than other gyms you’ve been to? The community is like none other. I haven’t been to a lot of gyms, but the ones I have been to do not seem to foster a community with such intent and care like The Hill. I need that.

What keeps you coming back? And where do you find your motivation when the workout looks difficult? I tell people, “Come for the workout, stay for the community,” and that’s what keeps me coming back. Cherry picking workouts has never been an issue for me. I’m very motivated by doing physically hard things just to have done them.

How do you make working out fit into your busy schedule? I’m really fortunate to have a very flexible schedule and a very supportive family. My wife constantly helps me make room to get to the gym later in the day if I’m unable to make it to my normal noon class. Also, I work for myself, which is to say I work when there’s work to be done.

What would you say to someone thinking about starting CrossFit? Be gracious with yourself. Ignore what everyone else is doing. Be honest, find what feels truly challenging, and do that. This is for you, no one else. Also, say “Hi” to everyone. You’ll be back.

What are some of your goals in or out of the gym? Personal Records or achievements that your proud of? I’m trying to model to my kids what a healthy adult looks like, both mentally and physically. I’m proud that my kids LOVE coming to the gym with me and love being around the good folks at The Hill.

What would your dream workout be? (list your favorite movements) A loooong grinder where you beat down a tire with a sledgehammer, then flip that tire for a while, then climb a rope. I love the awkward movements with weird objects.

“If you have ever wondered how to make friends instantly, Eric has the secrets. Eric is incredibly kind and positive while also secretly a sucker for punishment.

He gives his all in every workout but is also one of the first to peel himself off the floor to offer a high five or fist bump. He’s also a pretty kick ass Dad to his 2 kids who are regulars as well.”

-Coach Josh

Anything else you would like to share with our #fitfam? This might be off topic, but it’s something I care about deeply. Suicide is a global epidemic. The chances of your life being affected by suicide are near, if not at, 100%. Men die by suicide nearly 4x more than women. It’s also completely preventable. If you think someone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide, or even has a plan, it is okay to ask them if they’ve thought about hurting themselves. You will not cause them to do it by asking, but you might help them realize someone cares and open the door to them getting help. is a great resource for learning about risk and warning signs and how to help someone in danger. Finally, if you are someone contemplating suicide, please talk to me. I will help you.

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