I'm traveling to Kansas City and I'd like to drop in for a class. How do I do that?

  1. Drop-In’s are for current, active members of REGISTERED CROSSFIT AFFILIATES only.
    We’re so excited that you want to introduce your co-worker to CrossFit for the first time, but dropping into a gym is not the best way to do this. We recommend you have your friend go through a proper onboarding program at a home gym.
  2. Do not show up to class without reserving a spot.
    Our coaches are top-notch in their field becuase they spend a significant amount of time preparing lesson plans for their classes. Trying to get waivers signed and drop-in’s processed distracts from this preparation. 


  3. Carefully read the following FAQ’s:
  • What’s your drop-in fee?
    $20 when reserved ahead of time
    $25 at the time of drop-in
  • May I buy a t-shirt instead?
    No. Your drop-in fee will cover an hour with a world-class coach in a top-notch facility. If you would like to purchase apparel or supplements on top of that, we’re happy to provide that as well.
  • What’s the WOD?
    Due to the high volume of Drop-in’s we receive, we cannot provide programming ahead of time to travelers. Our WOD is posted at 8pm the night before HERE >
  • I’ll be in KC for an extended period. What are my options?
    When you reserve your first session you’ll be prompted to select your package. We offer 12 class punch cards ($189, expires 3 months), 1 week unlimited ($60), and a month unlimited ($175) for long-term drop-ins.
  • Can I do my own thing during class?
    We have many hours of open gym time throughout the week. If you want to do special programming, please reserve one of those time slots and be respectful of the class.
  • I have ____ issues. Will I be able to do the class?
    Please let your coach know of any orthopedic or medical conditions prior class starting. They will provide you with adjustments to your workout.