Featured Athlete of August: Patrick O’Day

Coachable | Hardworking | Positive

These are the attributes that we look for in our athletes. Each month we like to Feature an athlete who exemplifies these core values.

Patrick is just good people. Generous, patient, kind and super hardworking; Patrick puts the P in Positive! He helps shape our culture into the welcoming and go-for-broke everyday #fitfam that we are all so proud to be a part of. There’s nothing more satisfying than to see an athlete come eager to learn and improve with such consistency. Plus he’s quick to encourage and include others, and always willing to do the extra work.

Join us in Celebrating Patrick this August and let’s get to know him a little better…

What’s your athletic background? Nothing really. I didn’t do much organized fitness/athletics until I started doing CrossFit when I was in pharmacy school.

When did you start working out at The Hill? September of 2017.

What keeps you coming back? It’s cliche, but the people! If it wasn’t for the awesome members and coaches it would be just another CrossFit gym!

Was this your first experience with CrossFit? I started back in pharmacy school at Crossfit 864 in Clinton SC! It really started as a way to de-stress when my school workload was getting heavy.

If you could write the WOD what would it be? Pull-ups and sandbag work! Maybe throw in some moderate weight cleans to cycle for kicks.

What are some of your goals, fitness or personal- for 2018? For fitness I’d really like to get stronger in my Olympic lifts. I’m also a pharmacist at KU hospital, and I’m trying to get more involved in our residency programs and some research!

Any PR’s that your proud of? I hit 195 lbs on my clean and jerk! And I’ve done a few competitions with some other awesome Hill members, which have been a ton of fun.

List one or two improvements you have seen in your life since starting CF? I’ve started being more health minded. Before I started doing CrossFit I didn’t really watch what I ate or work out much. Now working out and cooking are two of my favorite things to de-stress.

What do you like about KC? KC is the perfect sized city. It’s big enough to always have something new to do, but small enough that it’s not overcrowded. There’s tons of awesome places to eat, and there’s a pretty awesome sand volleyball league (always looking for players!).

Why do you live in KC? And how do you like to spend your free time? I moved here to work at KU hospital. When I’m not at work, or The Hill, I’m usually playing volleyball, looking for tacos, or hanging by a pool.

What’s your favorite cheat meal? Cereal…. If there’s a box in my apartment it will be gone in 12 hours.

What would you say to someone thinking about starting CrossFit? DO IT! It’s the most supportive group of folks I’ve ever met! Wherever you are in your fitness level, all of the movements are modifiable, and the coaches and members are super helpful in getting you to your goals.

Anything else you would like to share with the whole #fitfam? #fitfam is the best way to describe you guys for me. At this point this is the farthest I’ve lived from home, and I didn’t know anyone when I moved here. All of you guys have been super welcoming, and KC would not be the same if I hadn’t joined The Hill!