Featured Athlete of July: Jill Mueller

Jill doesn’t like the spotlight much, but we think she is very worth celebrating!
She is one of the main pillars of our BUILD program: Functional Fitness for Cancer Survivors. Each day we see Jill in the gym, we’re reminded of our Core Values for our athletes: Coachable, Hardworking, and Positive. Jill – no matter what we’re working on – always shows up with a smile and a willingness to work hard and learn. We appreciate you, Jill! – Matt

Let’s get to know more about Jill..

What’s your athletic background? Swimmer – 8 years; ran track two years in high school.

When did you start working out at The Hill? January 2017

What keeps you coming back? Community; getting stronger; acceptance of who I am exactly the way I am.

Was this your first experience with CrossFit? Yes! 

If you could write the WOD what would it be? Squats; kettlebell swings; rowing. 

What are some of your goals, fitness or personal- for 2018? Find a 3x to come to the gym each week, i.e. a class that will work for me; commit to losing 10 lbs.; work on core strength. 

List one or two improvements you have seen in your life since starting CF? Definitely stronger – all over; 

What do you like about KC? It’s a great small big-city – it has all the attributes and amenities of a large city, without all of the drawbacks.

Why KC? And how do you like to spend your free time? My husband and I both work in KC; we raised our kids in Lee’s Summit and moved downtown after our youngest went to college. We love that we have access to restaurants, theaters, etc. and all by walking!

What’s your favorite cheat meal? Mexican – OMG the chips… 🙂

What would you say to someone thinking about starting CrossFit?  Try it!! It is empowering!! And make sure you have someone who knows what they are doing training you – like those coaches at CrossFit Memorial Hill.

How did you hear about BUILD? Through my neighbor Chad’s FB post.

What is something you wish everyone knew about fitness/CrossFit/BUILD? That truly ANYONE can do it.

What is your cancer story?
While scratching my neck at work one day back in early 2011, I felt a lump.
Due to my family history of thyroid nodules, I didn’t panic – I just went to have it checked out by my doctor. One test lead to another, discovering multiple nodules, two of which were were cancerous. I was reassured that this was a very slow-growing cancer, and very curable. I underwent surgery in March of 2011 and had Radioactive Iodine treatment in June of that year. Dealing with the lethargy that comes with having no thyroid, and frequent blood tests to tweak my meds, can get old; but you come to accept it.

Then in the summer of 2015, I went to my GYN for my annual exam, and after talking through my symptoms we did a few more tests. I was told I had uterine cancer. Seriously??? I was 51 at the time, and this was my 2nd cancer. I was told AGAIN that “…if you have to have a cancer, this is a good one to have.” REALLY? Is there ever a GOOD cancer? I knew my doctor was trying to be encouraging, but I wanted to throw something. I underwent surgery for a complete hysterectomy in September of 2015. Because they caught this cancer very early I was incredibly fortunate to not undergo any kind of post-surgery treatment. I’m sure the instant menopause and hot flashes will burn away anything remaining… LOL (that’s a joke…)

One thing I know for sure is no one can or should go through their cancer journey without a support system. My husband, kids, extended family, church family and friends were priceless to me during all of it. And now I have my BUILD family and #fitfam as an additional support network. You all are the BOMB!! Thank you!

Anything else you would like to share?  Thank you for welcoming me into your amazing #fitfam-family!!