Helping you have fun while getting fit.

FitPass gives you access to yoga, core training, and cardio classes all under one roof.

FitPass Summer Special

First Month for $5 for the entire summer.

FitPass gives you access to 3 studios under one roof

Ready Set Flow Yoga

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a first-timer there’s a flow for you.

CoreStrong Fitness

Build a strong core while doing low-impact, toning exercises.

Red/line Cardio

Cardio classes that leave you sweaty, sore, and wanting more.

More than a sweat.

Anyone can make you sweat. With FitPass you have variety plus the accountability of professionals.

  • Access to monthly body composition testing
  • Convenient downtown Kansas City location
  • Parking
  • Private showers with complimentary towel service
  • Complimentary co-working space, wifi, and juice bar


From our community


“When I conquer an intimidating workout I feel like I can accomplish anything. I also love the community at the gym because it makes you feel like family.”


“TRX quickly became my favorite way to exercise because Mark is an excellent coach and encourager.”


“The best yoga studio in Kansas City hands down. If you haven’t been, it’s a must try – Laura truly is awesome!”

Why choose FitPass over other workout passes?

Fun professional accountability.

Research shows that working with the same trainers increases your likelihood of success by up to FIVE TIMES.

FitPass gives the freedom of multiple studios with the results of a personal trainer.


CoreStrong Fitness


Ready Set Flow Yoga


Red/line Cardio

Lock in your Summer Special. $5 First Month

FitPass gives you access to 3 studios under 1 roof.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to sign a contract for FitPass?

    Nope. Whenever you want to stop your FitPass, you simply provide a 30-day email notice to cancel your FitPass.

  • What if I want to take extra classes or do Open Gym?

    Your FitPass is good for 3 classes each week. If you would like to add more classes or additional services from one or more of the studios, you can add those with the studio instructors.

  • When are classes held?

    You can find a class schedule here >

  • How does the $5 Summer Special Work?

    You will receive your first month of FitPass for only $5 when you sign up for 3 months. So, your first month is 5 bucks and your following will be at the regular price of $79.