Getting to Know Coach Al

These are the core values we hold as a team. We are so fortunate to have such highly skilled & passionate Coaches at The Hill.
Part 5 of our “Getting to Know the Coach” Blog Series..

Al is Strong. Intelligent. Authentic.
Resilient. Inclusive. A True Artist. An Advocate.
And Definitely Honest!

Coach Al is an integral part of our coaching team. She brings a consistent and genuine dedication to our athletes’ progress with an unrelenting drive toward excellence.

Sadly, Al will be leaving our community to pursue a longtime dream of working as an architect in Germany. While Al will be leaving huge shoes to fill, my personal hope is that our athletes each see Al stepping WAY out on a limb in pursuing a new life in a new country. We could all learn from Al’s willingness to pursue this dream – no matter how daunting it may feel.

We’ll miss you, Al! Thanks for all the great memories and moments.

Let’s get to know Coach Al Lampier.


Where did you grow up? Barrington, IL (NW Suburbs of Chicago).

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Paleontologist, biochemist, astronomer, professional soccer player (i.e. Mia Hamm). I still want to be a polyglot when I grow up.

Favorite class or activity in high school? Outside of sports? Creative writing.

Voted in high school… Most Athletic.

Most interesting part time job? Only part time job: soccer referee.

Share a movie you can quote… Singin’ in the Rain.

Got any hidden talents? I can whistle like a bird.

What do you like about KC? No traffic! And the people are ok too 😉


Your Job Title at The Hill: CrossFit Coach

How & when did you get connected to The Hill? 4 years ago. I didn’t have a car when I moved here, so I was just looking for something I biked past en route to work. This was located perfectly for me. Dug the workouts and the folks. The rest is history.

How long have you been coaching? At The Hill: 4 years, 6 years total.

Why Coach? Coaching allows me to combine my love of sports with my adoration of physics. Perfect every day applicability. Plus I love seeing the light bulb turn on for folks when they’re learning new skills or when they accomplish a task they didn’t think was possible. It empowers people. 

What do you love about your job? For coaching, see above. For design, I love light, shadow, and textures. A well-thought out, well-executed detail warms my heart. Being able to share those passions with others through an experience is a privilege and a pleasure. 

What certifications do you hold and which are you most proud of?

Coaching: CF-L1, CF-L2, CF Weightlifting. Before it expired, I held an ACE Certified Personal Trainer Cert. I was super proud of that because I had no personal background in training when I studied for and took the test. I’m still proud of it.

Architecture: I’m a licensed Architect in the state of Missouri. Definitely proudest of this one because it was 7 tests over the course of a year. I wanted to quit so many times but I didn’t.

What continuing ed are you planning or currently doing? Just bought Carl Paoli’s “Freestyle” so, I’m gonna read that. At some point I’d like to get the gymnastics cert. Perhaps consider the Level 3, but that won’t be for a while. Definitely interested in learning more about nutrition and programming as well.

How would you describe your coaching style? Profanity-ridden.

What’s something you wish everyone knew about health and fitness? That their body (including mind) is their greatest asset; therefore it should be invested in, challenged, nurtured. It’s not a test or competition. It’s simply about taking care of yourself.

What is something you are working on improving as an athlete personally? Consistency and patience.

What are you looking forward to in 2018? Improved mindfulness and presence.

Anything else you would like to share with The Hill family? You guys rock. Thank you!