Getting To Know – Sacred Roots Holistic Healing – Ryan Brown

“I knew within 10 minutes of meeting Ryan with Sacred Roots Holistic Healing, “that he was one of us”. It was immediately apparent to me that Ryan embodies our core values of being caring, honest and driven. Not only that but he is an experienced and professional massage therapist. I would feel confident sending any of our athletes or anyone I care about to be treated by Ryan. ” – Matt Scanlon


What’s your name? Ryan Brown 

What did you want to be when you grew up? For as long as I can remember 1. Rockstar 2. NFL Nosetackle 3. Mob Boss

Where did you grow up? Mesa, AZ. 

What was your favorite subject/activity in school? Football, Wrestling, Philosophy, Psychology/Sociology

Weird job you had in the past? Owned a Janitorial company for many years

Favorite movie? Favorite line from that movie? Lords Of Dogtown Jay Adams-“we surf and we skate everyday…we do whatever we want”

Got any hidden talents? Over analyzing questions about my hidden talents.

What do you like about KC? Everyone here is extremely nice!

What is the name of your business? Sacred Roots Holistic Healing LLC

What is your profession? “What do you do?” Licensed Massage Therapist

How did you get connected with The Hill? Elyse McLeod

What motivates you in your craft?  When a client tells me Massage has improved their quality of life.

What is one thing you wish everyone new about your profession? Massage is not a luxury. It’s preventative health care.


Anything you would like to share with The Hill? I love fishing and pedicures.
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