Happy New Year!!!


Every year leading up to this time, I’m asked if the gym will be doing any sort of “challenge.” I love challenges; physical, mental, professional, ect. In the instance of a nutrition “challenge,” people typically will do 30 days of a strict version of a diet: paleo, clean eating, zone, etc. I think these challenges have a great place for people who have never played around with clean eating. It’s a great opportunity to see how great you feel and how well you perform.

For myself and for The Hill, 2015 is the year of sustainability. We’ve stripped down all of our programming, products, coaching, and business administration to it’s most basic principles and asked ourselves: “What does this look like in 20 years?” How can we program and approach fitness in an integrated system that ushers our athletes into retirement strong, healthy, and able to enjoy a life of independence and wellness? What does a healthy workplace look like? How can we promote a sustainable nutrition practice? How do we give athletes the tools they need to succeed physically, mentally, and professionally?

Because of this, we’re putting out #TheHill30 on our Facebook Page all this month. Your coaches will each submit a short tip or nugget of information that they’ve learned from a challenge they’ve done or from spending thousands of hours coaching athletes. These are the things we’ve made habit over years or even decades. So, take what you want; throw away what you don’t. But, I strongly encourage each of you to take away something from this month that will build your wellness landscape for the next 20, 30, or 50 years.

The Hill-Cast

If you’ve yet to check out The Hill-Cast, do so RIGHT NOW. We sit down with your coaches and fellow athletes to chat nutrition, training, specialty programs, and what makes them tick.

Do you have a topic you’d like covered? Email: Kyle@crossfitmemorialhill.com and let him know!

Last Call for Specialty Classes!!!

In case you missed it the first time, check out the Specialty Class FAQ and follow the links to sign up.

Looking for a nutrition or training jump-start?

This year we’re expanding into personal training packages. This can be in the form of nutritional consultations, some specialty training, or just a good ole kick in the butt. A free 20 minute planning consultation is included when you get a 4- or 8- session package. Fill out the form here to get more info. 

Be cool in ’15

Remember the first time you stepped foot in CrossFit? Super intimidating, right? Well, now you’re a CrossFit badass that knows where the jump ropes and J-Cups are and how to do barbell math.

This time of year, we’ll see a bunch of new faces around the gym. Be cool to them. Introduce yourself, partner up with them, and…well…be cool. You guys are all incredible people to work with on a daily basis. Share that awesomeness.

Also, while you’re at it, pass along that referral card to a friend. Everyone has a resolution this year; let’s make this the year of results.