The Hill Games 2.0

The Hill Games 2.0!

Back by popular demand, we’re introducing The Hill Games 2.0 team competition series leading up to our anniversary on Nov. 14th, 2015!

The format will be the same. You’ll earn points for your team based on several criteria:

  • Attendance
  • WOD Performance
  • Spirit of the Games (team spirit)
  • Weekly bonus points

What’s new?

  • Due to the HUGE demand for another team series, we’ll be adding 2 more teams for a total of 6 teams.
  • The Hill Games 2.0 will culminate in a Happy Hour Open House and throw down to celebrate our 3 year anniversary in the space on Jefferson on Nov. 14th starting at 4:00pm (details to follow).


  • There are 4 attendance points per week per athlete up for grabs
  • There are 4 bonus points per athlete for workouts logged on all 4 attendance days.
  • There will be “tests” announced every week for which your team can earn points for the top 3 male & female scaled & Rx spots. These tests will be during class but can also be completed in 10 minutes outside of class times (before, after, or at Saturday’s Open Gym 10a-noon)
  • Spirit of the Games will be awarded to a team demonstrating exceptional support & positivity.
  • Bonus point will be announced and awarded weekly.

Rx or Scaled?

  • We will use the same benchmarks as indicated in Friday Night Lights as a gauge to whether or not you should choose Rx or Scaled.
  • Please read the links at the bottom of the post above to determine where you’d like to compete. Yes, we can scale individual movements that do not fall within the Scaled scope (single-unders, for example).


  • We will begin with a short “draft” on October 10th at Noon.
  • Competition runs from Oct. 12th – Nov. 14th where we will have a team series of fun tests and events to celebrate the anniversary.


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In case you’re on the fence, check out the video below:


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