#holidayGAINZ Strength Cycle

Let’s get real. It’s easy to let things slip between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We’re going to combat this weakness with some #holidayGAINZ this year. We’re going to turn those Christmas cookies into squat PRs. We’re not going into the New Year weak. We’re going in ready to crush it, not play catch-up.

Introducing: #holidayGAINZ

HolidayGAINZ is a 4 week strength cycle published twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In each session you’ll be working up to a HEAVY single in a given lift, followed by accessory and midline work. Our goal is to utilize all the excess calories of the holidays to put on some serious strength.

To maximize this strength cycle, we recommend that you complete the entirety of the day’s strength cycle in a ~75 minute session with adequate rest in between max effort lifts. We also recommend that you only do the strength cycle for that day’s workout.

Don’t get on Santa’s naughty list. He sees you when you’re lifting.