Member Updates


On behalf of all the coaches at CrossFit Memorial Hill, we’d like to extend a huge thank you for your patience and understanding as we wrap up construction and space improvements. The last phase will be to clean up and replace the cinder blocks where the ramp was removed, which shouldn’t affect the existing class schedule. We’re all very excited for the usable space we’ve gained and to roll out some additional class & program offerings as a result. Stay tuned!

Saturday Class & Open Gym

As some of you have heard, last Saturday was our last Free Community Class. New members will now now have more opportunities to try CrossFit free (see the Fundamentals section below). We did this for a couple reasons.

First, we received a lot of feedback from you saying that you’d like to stick around after the 9am class to work on some skills, but it was an inconvenience to leave for an hour and come back for 11am open gym. We’ve believed since day 1 that our existing members should have precedence over new business, which is why we’ve opened Saturday Open Gym to a 2-hour session from 10:00-12:00. Our hope is that this will allow you to get in the additional skill work you want or to get in, get out, and get on with your weekend.

Secondly, since transitioning to Wodify, we’ve been able to gather some great data on how people find us, when they join, and what classes they want to see. By an overwhelming margin, our new athletes did not find us through the Free Saturday Class but rather through YOUR referrals. We’d be remiss not to extend gratitude for those referrals which is why we’re rolling out a program to express our gratitude:


CrossFit Memorial Hill Referral Program

It’s simple: If you know someone that you think would be a great addition to the CFMH community, ask your coach for a gift card. This card is worth $25 to whomever you give it to be used toward their 1st month (if they’re already a CrossFitter) or to our new CrossFit Fundamentals (see below) program. As a thank you, for each month that your referral is active, we’ll give you a $10 credit to use however you want: apparel, crack FitAid, or even toward your membership dues. Even better, if you have 5 of your friends that renew each month based on your referral card — your membership is FREE. Here’s the breakdown:

1 Active Member = $10/month
2 Active Members = $20/month
3 Active Members = $30/month
4 Active Members = $40/month
5 Active Members = Your membership is free! You read that correctly — FREE. 


CrossFit Fundamentals

CrossFit Fundamentals is a new, month long, introduction to CrossFit for all new members or any existing members who would like to revisit some of the essentials in a small class environment. After extensive research and planning, we’ve arrived at what we believe to be the most comprehensive, sustainable, and safe introduction to any training protocol.

This is a 12 class, one month program that looks much more like our regular CrossFit classes, but with a holistic focus on training, education, lifestyle, and diet. Classes will be structured to include a strength/skill plus a conditioning workout to provide a challenge to those with minimal training experience and those with extensive strength and conditioning backgrounds alike.

This is a great opportunity for your friends to see what CrossFit really looks like. Their first CrossFit Fundamentals class is free so they can try it out for themselves.

CrossFit Fundamentals athletes can begin at any time, with their first class free. Beginning in September, class times are: Tuesday & Thursday at 6:45pm and Saturday at 10am.