November Member Newsletter


You guys have been killing it with the referrals! Some of your fellow members are saving over $200/year with the referral program and are well on their way to a free membership. With the holidays coming up, think about throwing a referral card (worth $25!!!) in a card (or 10) for a co-worker, family, or friend. Remember, the referral program is good for both CrossFit and Bootcamp memberships. Thanks, guys!


November is shaping up to be an exciting month at CrossFit Memorial Hill! Check out this month’s events:

November 11th — Veterans’ Day
To honor our Vets, CrossFit Memorial Hill signed up as a host site for the nationwide “3 Wise Men Tribute.” The tribute is to raise money for the 3 Wise Men Foundation which serves to raise awareness and prevention for combat veteran suicide. Everyone will be doing the Tribute WOD on this day, but we’d love for you sign up, donate, and spread the word about this important issue. Please click on the graphic below to learn more and register. As a commitment to this great cause, CFMH will match the gym’s total donations up to $250. Thanks Vets!

November 15th – 6pm Location TBD — CrossFit Memorial Hill Turns 2!
A great kick-off to the holiday party season, The Hill anniversary parties are always a blast. Save the date!!!


Coach’s corner takes a turn for the nerdy in a series on diversifying your training and volume for maximum results. Do you like these? Click here to subscribe to our channel.


In a new series, “Better Know a Coach,” Jamie chats about his first experience with CrossFit, live music, pomade, comic books, and his inspiration. Please excuse the muffled sound as there were some weight slamming in the background, but it’s definitely worth a watch. Thanks for being a great coach, James!



1) How did you find CrossFit? What were you doing prior? One of the box owners in Lawrence pushed me to try it when I lived there, but I resisted because I didn’t want to “get bulky” and I thought it was a fad. I played softball at a very high level growing up and volleyball in college. Two months after moving to Kansas City and my failed attempt at trying to define myself as a runner (hahaha…) I finally conceded and gave it a try. Holy crap, I didn’t realize how out shape I was. Two things hooked me instantly – One: the no-bulls**t, no-frill approach to working out and variety in the programming. Two: the community. It has an awesomely similar feeling to being on a sports team. I found my home here at CFMH in August of last year. LOVE YOU ALL! ::wink:::

2) What are you up to when you’re not crushing it in the gym? It doesn’t really matter to me what I’m doing, so long as I’m in good company. I like to try new restaurants and explore different parts of the city. I’ll go to/watch pretty much any professional sports game and you will find me repping all my Chicago teams. Except the White Sox, ew. I also love a good Netflix binge with wine and cheese.

3) It’s no secret you love weightlifting. I mean, you just snatched 160#. Was this always the case? What do you like so much about it? Haha.. I’ve always been more of the power/strength athlete. Softball and volleyball both required that quick, explosive type of movement. I found my interest in weightlifting through CrossFit. There’s something to be said about the feeling you get from lifting something heavy from the ground to over your head… Maybe it’s just me, but it yields a much more satisfying feeling than, say, testing how many burpees you can do in a minute. I also appreciate that it’s just as much about speed and hitting positions (technique) as it is about strength. Its practice requires constant fine-tuning.

4) Favorite training song? Dirty, filthy, offensive hip-hop.

5) Cheat meal? Nachos, bruh… Or waffle fries.