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Sundays at 11am starting in December
==>Go here to reserve your spot in the 8-week yoga session!!<==

Yoga is good for your snatch!! Are your shoulders or hips tight which inhibit your ability to gain full range of motion in certain CrossFit movements? Please join me on Sundays at 11am to move through a vinyasa flow that will help to improve overall flexibility and general mobility. Yoga is the perfect complement to the intensity and butt kicking we often put our bodies through during wods. Take the time to refocus and re-energize from your daily workouts by engaging in active recovery that will help bring your body back to full range of motion. I will work on proper alignment and positioning of a multitude of poses while also taking into consideration each participants mobility concerns. You will learn how to breathe more efficiently and develop a greater ability to balance. Think “Fran” lung and handstand push ups or pistols.  I  want this to be fun and interactive and a place where you can breathe, move and stay fit in a way that might be different that what you’re used to. All levels are encouraged! I look forward to seeing you all on your mat! Email if you have any questions.

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