Re-opening & Member Survey

Please take a minute to fill out the following survey as we re-open The Hill.
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Message from the Founder

Check here for announcement and updates as we approach re-opening.

State of The Hill

I'm very relieved to announce that The Hill was able to secure funds in the first round of the Paycheck Protection Program on April 17th. These funds will allow us to cover our overhead for 6 weeks and hopefully buffer what will be a tumultuous economic situation throughout the remainder of the year. I'm also happy to report that we have been able to maintain full employment and benefits for our entire staff during this time. This is especially uplifting in a time of massive layoffs — particularly for coaches, servers, and independent contractors. This is entirely thanks to you. Throughout this closure we only experienced a 40% reduction in business. That, coupled with a strong savings program and PPP, will allow us to weather the storm.

I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support and loyalty to The Hill, each other, and the staff that serves you. I can say with absolute certainty that each coach is incredibly grateful for their job, for you, and for the opportunity to serve you in the future. Thank you. 

Your membership

If you were on a monthly recurring plan between March 23rd and April 23rd you will see a 100% discount applied to your next bill. As our economic situation becomes more clear, we will continue to find ways to express our gratitude for your commitment to our community. We will be completing this manually for every bill, so there is a likelihood we may miss one or two. Please, please, please reach out if you do not see this reflected.

You all are amazing. I already know that I'll have a bunch of responses along the lines of "don't discount my bill... I want to support the coaches and community." I will politely decline. Instead, here's my ask: Take that money and support another small business or independent contractor. Have a local, take-out feast with your family. Tip the hell out of a Postmates driver. Buy a nurse some Metcons. A lot of business will be closed permanently at the end of this; please give them a moment of humanity as they mourn the loss their life's work. 

Have you been affected?

Through our non-profit organization, Bloc Life, we will make scholarships available to anyone who has been furloughed without pay, laid off, or otherwise financially impacted during this time. Please reach out to me for more info.

Re-opening The Hill

As of this writing, Mayor Lucas has extended the Stay at Home order through May 15th, 2020. As we get closer to this date we will release specifics related to class times, exact open date, and other pertinent information related to your return to training at The Hill. Our primary goal with a re-open is to ensure you are safe, healthy, and feel comfortable returning to your community. Below you will find some of the steps we will take to achieve these objectives:

  • Formation of a COVID advisory panel consisting of healthcare professionals, exercise scientists, and doctoral-level statisticians to help us sift through guidance from authorities.
  • Removal of the sign-in kiosk at the front desk. Coaches will sign you into class to avoid gathering and eliminate surface contact.
  • Self-contained stations with adequate equipment and space between you and your fellow athletes.
  • Workout briefing from your phone. We will not gather at the Whiteboard for briefing in lieu of a more distant briefing that you can see on your phone during class.
  • Continued sanitation practices.
  • Class size limits.
  • Expanded class time offerings.
  • We're creating an 8-week Re-Build program that will be programmed in every class offering. The programming is intended to be completed 3-5 days per week and will strategically progress your strength and cardio to help you return to your pre-quarantine fitness levels (or "gainzzz" for you meatheads).

Listening to YOU

Lastly, I want to reiterate that times like this are why I have a fully-transparent, open door policy. If there's anything you want to know, please don't hesitate to ask. I have created a survey to help your team better understand how to re-open with your best interest in mind. Please take 5 or 10 minutes to fill it out and have your voice heard.