September 2015’s Newsletter

Good Morning,

It is often said of CrossFit boxes that the art is in the coaching, the science is in the workouts and the magic is in the community. Every time you come into The Hill it is important to us that you get in a great workout and perhaps learn a thing or two. But it is even more important that you make new friends and have a great time because that’s truly what keeps you coming back for more.

In this episode of The Hill Radio we discussed in-depth how to make strong friendships at The Hill. Here are a few things you can do in every class to make your time, and everyone else’s time, better:

  • Meet a new friend or learn one new thing about an old friend
  • Share equipment or space with a new friend
  • Ask the coach an in-depth question about that day’s WOD (they love being quizzed or can point you in the right direction)
  • Cheer for others the way you like to be cheered
  • High five every athlete in the class after the WOD

Of course these things are not mandatory, but they are sure to make you a better athlete and a better friend.

The Hill Coaches


  • Iron Hill Open House. Thursday 9/3 @6 AM. If you’re a lady interested in checking out this amazing strength program, come on in!
  • Nutrition, Measurement & Tracking w/Coach Sabrena. Learn how to eat to perform, feel good and look better naked. Sign up now. 
  • Goal Setting w/Coach Matt. Upon completion of the new offices in the NW corner of the gym this will be up and running. More info coming soon.

Congratulations to our Friday Night Lights Competitors

Congratulations to everyone who competed at FridayNight Lights. We had a blast and are so proud of you. Check out our Facebook album for a ton of great pictures.

The Hill Radio

This month’s Featured Athlete is the wonderful Garrett Gilbert. You are all invited to attend his special WOD this Saturday, September 5th at 9 AM. This WOD will feature his strengths and weaknesses and is sure to be a great time.

Learn more about Garrett in this episode of The Hill Radio and be sure to check out these other great topics too:

Coaches’ Corner: How to perform a Box Squat

Coach Josh fills us in on how to make your box squat as effective as possible. Remember: Move better, Move safer, Move faster.

That’s all for now. Have a wonderful Tuesday and we’ll see you at The Hill soon!

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