Specialty Class – Olympic Weightlifting

Specialty Course – Olympic Weightlifting

The Open is over and we heard the call: Let’s take some time to work on the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. Well here’s your chance!

This Specialty Course is included in all unlimited monthly memberships and will focus on dialing in your technique and strength in the Olympic-style lifts.

A few guidelines before you sign up for the course:

  • Let this be the only work you do for this day
    • Although you may not be writhing on the ground sweaty, the power and speed involved in Olympic-style weightlifting requires a tremendous focus on recovery. Only do the class if you want to get stronger. If you don’t want to get stronger, don’t do this class.
  • Drink less, sleep more, eat like an adult
    • Take the course seriously by focusing on your recovery. Remember: Lifting weights won’t get you stronger. RECOVERING from lifting weights is how you get stronger.
  • Only sign up if you’ll show up
    • Aim to attend at least 9 of the course sessions to see the benefits and allow other athletes to have a chance at success. Upon 3 missed sessions, please allow another athlete to have your spot.

Class Times: Monday/Wednesday 5pm-6pm
Start Date: Monday, April 2nd
Course Length: 6 weeks
Participant cap: 12 athletes

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