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Question: Should I sign up for The Hill Games?
Answer: YES!!

Deadline for sign-up is Sunday, February 14. Check out our recent blog post for more details:

Partner Yoga

4th Annual Partner Play Workshop

Saturday, February 13
12:30-2:30 PM
$10/ person
Improve flexibility, enhance stability, and focus on coordinated strength; all while having fun!

To register, please stop by the front desk or visit:


The Hill Radio:


Coaching Behavior Change

Matt eats an apple live and makes Sabrena define made-up terms. But, seriously, we chat more about how to create lasting habit change toward improved health, fitness, and wellness. We also identify some common triggers for unhealthy activity and some habit hacks you can use to move the needle toward health.


February Featured Athlete: Jacob Beaumont

fatjake  jacob020116

“Weighing in at 334lbs—I caught myself in the mirror and realized that at some point things had gone off the rails.”​

Jacob will be competing in a 50K trail in May! Be sure to give him some love on the white board next to our memeber wall. Get to know him better by reading this interview: