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TheHill Social


Every Friday in March – The Hill Games | 2016 Friday Night Lights 5p-7p

Whether or not you’re partipating in the Games, we will have a social event every Friday night in March. Come meet some new people, bring a beer, and have a great time.

We’ll have some friends from Fit Style Foods and Ricos Tacos Lupe out to spread the good cheer, so don’t miss out!





Important Announcements
Iron Hill Monday, March 7th

Coach Vanessa has graciously passed the reigns of her extremely successful women’s weightlifting group – Iron Hill to USAW L1 & CSCS coach Mindy Simmons. Thanks for the great sessions, V!



Mark Your Calendars
Endurance is Back!!!

Join Coach Bri for an 8-week Endurance season beginning Tuesday, April 5th. This cycle is designed to lead into the Hospital Hill 1/2 Marathon, 10k, or 5k. Stay tuned!



This Month’s Featured Athlete

Vanessa Geer


Mom, coach, wife, Veteran, student, Reservist, and general badass. Vanessa manages a schedule crazier than all of our’s and still has time to dedicate to training and coaching. Congratulations, V. You certainly deserve the honor of this month’s featured athlete!
“With CrossFit, I gained healthy weight, and strength. I developed confidence from climbing ropes, doing pullups and beating a lot of the guys I worked out with. Now, I eat to fuel my performance. It’s still a struggle some days–I still have “fat” days, especially dealing with my body post-baby, but I know that I need to EAT to stay strong and healthy.”

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From the Coach’s Corner

TheHill Radio: Fad Diets Through History

All this month – from Graham Crackers to Cigarettes to Paleo – Matt and Sabrena take an in-depth look at fad diets throughout the ages and explore why we cling to them so tightly. [Subscribe on iTunes]

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Mobility Tools: You’re Probably Not Using them Correctly. 

We all love the lacrosse balls and rollers. But, are they helping or hindering your time in the gym? Check out this user’s guide for your favorite torture devices.

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