This Week at The Hill 5.5.15.

Good Morning,

If you wish to peek behind the curtains to learn more about the how and the why behind what’s going on at The Hill, listen to the recent podcast episode: T.G.I.F. 5.1.15. 

In our first ever Thank God It’s Fitness episode, coaches Matt, Josh and Kyle take a look back at the past week, and peer into the crystal (medicine) ball to see what’s to come at The Hill.

You’ll learn more about your daily workouts, your coaches and many of the exciting activities on the horizon at your box.

Tune in and shape up. And as always, please reply to this email with any questions.

The Hill Coaches

Save the Dates

Saturday, May 22nd, 10 AM: Memorial Day “Murph”The year’s most fun, heartfelt workout. Join us to honor and celebrate our veterans. Don’t be intimidated by the workout, all levels are welcome.

Monday, May 24th: Closed in Observance of Memorial Day Be with your family and friends and enjoy the sunshine. We’ll see you on Tuesday.

Saturday, May 30th, 11 AM: Free Mobility Clinic with Coach Josh A hard day’s work demands a hard day’s rest and recovery. Join Coach Josh to work out the kinks and expand your mobility vocabulary.

Friday, June 5th: WOD & Wine (Women Only) More details to follow.

The Hill Radio with Christina Crumpecker, MD

Christi is a family medicine doctor with a heart of gold. As you get to know Christi through this episode, take note of why and how she takes care of herself so that she can take care of others.

In order for her to make her patients her number one priority, she makes her personal health and wellness a top priority. The knowledge and wisdom shared in this episode is imperative if you are a busy professional or a selfless giver (or a combination of the two.) We at The Hill are proud to introduce Christi as May’s Featured Athlete. 

Coaches’ Corner

A better push up, a better life… Coach Kyle explains how doing a proper push up will slowly but surely make everything in your life better.

That’s all for now. Have a wonderful Tuesday and we’ll see you at The Hill soon!

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