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Megans success story


- 5 years doing CrossFit

"I tried it once and I'm staying for life."

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Guss success story


"I'm doing things I would never have been able to do."

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Andrews success story


- 4 years doing CrossFit

"I am more confident in who I am."

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Is CrossFit right for non-athletes?

If you’ve never played organized sports or you don’t consider yourself athletic you probably feel like CrossFit isn’t for you. Don’t worry. You’re in good company. Most everyone has had this same feeling. Where does this come from? I think there are two things at play here: what you see on the internet and what …

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5 Things to Consider Before Joining a Gym

So you’re ready to get in shape? Great! The first place you’ll probably look to is a gym. Trying to decide what  gym to join can be a very daunting task. Each facility believes that their version of fitness is the best and the  gym down the street is the worst. The truth is that …

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What does it ACTUALLY take to lose 20 pounds?

At the time of writing this it’s late March, which means the majority of people who made a health-related New Year’s Resolution have fallen off the wagon. One of our Core Values is honesty. As a coaching staff, we’ve taken a hard stance against the misinformation in the fitness industry. There is no “perfect workout”, supplement, …

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