Traveling Athletes

1. What's a "Drop-In"?

A Drop-In is someone who is temporarily visiting Kansas City and would like to take a class or do some Open Gym time. A drop-in is not someone living in Kansas City looking to try their first class. If that's you, click on the button below.

2. OK... That's me. Now what?

Excellent! Our coaches and staff are excited to meet you. Here's what to do: 1. Scroll down a little bit and look for the class or Open Gym time you'd like to attend. 2. Click "Enroll." 3. Complete the online waiver and finalize your payment. We really, really, really appreciate you taking care of these things before showing up at the gym. Due to our location in Kansas City we host a lot of travelers. To continue doing this, we try to make the experience as pleasant as possible for you while respecting our valued members

3. Which classes can I attend?

Group WOD: You must be a member of an affiliate gym or a disaffiliated Functional Training Gym in order to participate in the Group Workout of the Day. We're pretty firm on this. Even if you're really, really fit and played high school football... we'll still say no. Any other class: Come as you are. red/line is a great option. So is a yoga class or Open Gym. Speaking of Open Gym...: Yes. I know it shows only 1 hour, but we won't kick you out after 60 minutes. Train as long as you like, just try to be quiet during class instruction. And, you don't need to pay for multiple hours.

Cost & Troubleshooting

A day pass is $20. Buying a t-shirt does not supplement this pass. Bringing a t-shirt does not either — although we love both. If you do not purchase a day pass ahead of time, the fee is $25.

I'm having trouble with registration... 

There is a 99.9% chance that you need to either turn off a pop-up blocker or log out of your gym's member management software (Pike13).

Click "Enroll" to reserve your spot.