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Meet Coach Brianna

I believe that nutrition, like exercise, doesn't have to be overwhelming and complicated. You build on the skills you have, finding ways to enjoy the journey. Because life is too short to hate the food you eat.

Food is not a means to an end, or a source of punishment or reward. Food is fuel, food is tasty, food is engrained in so many parts of our culture.

The amount of information available about nutrition is endless. So endless that it becomes paralyzing.

I will help you sort through the non-sense; to determine your best path forward.


Nutrition Services Available

Option 1

Free Services

  • 1 In-Body monthly
  • Goal Setting
  • How to build a meal, using hand portion guidelines
  • Habit Change
  • Monthly in-person check in
  • Free with membership at TheHillKC

Option 2

Paid Services

  • Free initial consultation
  • Goal Setting
  • Weekly In-Body Scan
  • Custom Nutrition Plan
  • Weekly remote check-ins
  • Access to your coach 24/7 via email and text
  • Guidance on how to navigate eating out, and special occasions
  • Private Facebook page
  • $125 per month for all members of TheHillKC

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