The Facility

The Hill Kansas City is a world class facility serving the local towns of Kansas City, Leawood, Prairie Village, Overland Park, Lenexa, Olathe, Parkville, Mission, Merriam

The Hill is a functional wellness co-op in the heart of downtown Kansas City. Our aim is to provide the most convenient and comprehensive health experience for you.  You'll park on the corner of 26th Street and West Pennway in our dedicated parking lot. As you walk up to the main facing East on West Pennway you'll notice ornate stone carvings of Coca Cola bottles on the side of the building. We have renovated the historic Kansas City landmark Coca Cola bottle plant to house KC's first functional health co-op.  
You'll also notice a co-working space equipped with public wifi, USB charging ports, and plenty of seating to maximize your post-workout productivity. Get a workout, get a haircut, and get some work done... all under one roof. As you walk through the co-working space you'll notice "The Vault." This 100-year old safe once housed a mountain of cash (back when cash was a thing). Now, this vault is an homage to Kansas City, a library of the books that changed our lives, and a documented history of the building's transformation.
Walk the long hallway through the co-working space and you'll pass our yoga and recovery room on your left. Keep walking and you feel like you're in Alice in Wonderland. The ceiling gets smaller, the walls feel like they're closing in and... BAM! You open double-doors into one of the largest functional training spaces in the world. You immediately step foot onto a long strip of black turf running the entire length of the gym. Look to your left and you'll see your coaches planning your next workout in their office. Look to your right and you'll see one of our CrossFit classes. Keep walking down turf lane and you'll see a huge kids' play area on your left.
Just past where the kids and playing you'll see equipment you've likely never seen before — the first-ever Universally Designed gym space. This area was meticulously designed for true diversity. People using wheelchairs working out side-by-side with their walking gym buddies. Just beyond this classroom you'll see Core Strong Fitness, several personal training areas, and another group workout class — home to red/line. You'll also find locker rooms with 4 showers in each, a family restroom, a makeup counter, changing room, and complimentary towel service. Yeah, we're proud of this facility. But it isn't here for us. It's here for you. We built this space with you in mind. Swing by and say "hey."

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