Finding Motivation


The Today Show declared this week the Fitness Cliff.

Regular gym rats know it as the week they get all their equipment back. Those of us in the results-focused side of the industry see it as a huge scam.

If you’ve followed any of our content on the Podcast, you’ve heard us chat a lot about motivation and willpower this year. Mainly, that they’re made up constructs. There’s no such thing as willpower & motivation – only habit & action.

I don’t fault anyone for falling off the fitness cliff. Actually, the entire industry is designed to take as much money as possible from you while you’re on the plateau. Yes – of course – there are gyms and trainers out there who actually care about your results (crazy, I know). But, unfortunately, these voices are silenced by TV shows, infomercials, dirt cheap long-term contracts, quick-fixes, and billboards plastered with fitness models (weird none of these big box gyms never use their own members as a spotlight…).

It’s nasty out there. Be an informed consumer and expect more out of those you’re trusting with your health dollars.

TheHillKC | Finding Motivation from TheHillKC on Vimeo.


And, yes, I’m putting my money where my mouth is. Here’s a free program you can do at your gym or in your home. No sales, no gimmicks, no contracts, no supplements, nothing. Just a resource for you to begin to see some small victories to avoid the Motivation Cliff.




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