Leah Huddleston

You can tell a lot about your friends by what they decide to post on Facebook. For instance, I know my friend Leah Huddleston loves her friends and family:

And health & fitness, aka CrossFit:If you have not had the opportunity to befriend Leah, IRL or on Facebook, I highly recommend it. Her story is truly inspirational and her heart, warmth and spirit are contagious and one of a kind.

Leah is a member of our Iron Hill, women’s only weightlifting club, where she has seen huge gains in confidence, strength and consistency. You’ll see her in the occasional CrossFit class this summer, but she is also training for a half marathon coming up in the fall.

Leah has lost about 100 pounds since beginning her health and fitness journey. She says that making high quality decisions like exercising regularly, eating well and de-stressing helps her stay centered and perform well at her high pressure job as an attorney.

We all need more friends like Leah. She’s fun, trustworthy and driven, and we could not be more honored to have her be a part of our family here at the Hill.


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