New Class & New Specialty Course

We’re excited to announce a new recurring offering as well as a new Specialty Course to our lineup of offerings!

Mobility and Corrective Exercise

When: Thursdays 5pm-5:45pm
What: This class will focus on teaching you mobility and recovery strategies specifically geared toward your individual needs. We’ll choose a movement, such as the deadlift, as our movement archetype and use it to teach you proper pre-lift mobility, proper positioning, specific corrective training, and recovery for each lift or workout type.
*This will remain a recurrent offering with consistent attendance.
**Any members of any programs – including BUILD, Legends, Fundamentals, and Private Coaching are encouraged to participate

Specialty Course – Reps+Sets: A Functional Physique Course

It’s that time of year again… time to hop aboard the GAIN TRAIN. This Hypertrophy style course will be similar in programming to our Buns n’ Guns and our Swole Patrol, but not gender-specific. Our goal with this course is to build lean muscle mass while maintaining the agility, power, and power required for General Physical Preparedness. We’ll combine these principles with some nutrition tracking and see the results come rolling in!

Class Times: Monday/Wednesday 6p-7p
Start Date: Monday, October 5th
Course Length: 6 weeks
Participant cap: 15 athletes

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