November Featured Athlete: Adam Orr, Ironman

Adam Orr: Ironman

Congratulations to our good friend and longtime member of The Hill Family, Adam Orr, on completing his first ever Ironman! An Ironman is a day-long race consisting of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, than a 26.2 mile run. Adam has done endurance race training for awhile, the past year has been very focused on this Ironman race. For more details on his training, check out this episode of The Hill Radio.

CrossFit was an important aspect of Adam’s Ironman training.

While Adam was away doing his Ironman in Flordia, we celebrated him by doing this workout:

Alone or with a partner, for time: 2000 meter row then 30-20-10 hang power cleans & Toes to bar then 400 meter lunges and broad jump.

Congratulations, Adam, you are an Ironman.


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