Rigorous Honesty

Rigorous Honesty

I’ve co-opted this term (and, frankly, quite a bit of the ideas found in here) from the Recovery community. When applied to recovery, Rigorous Honesty is introspective. For our purposes, I’d like to use the idea as a way of determining what it actually takes to _________. 

We’re in the middle of Resolution Season.

I don’t want to poo poo resolutions. It’s probably become just as popular in this industry to prey on resolutions as it is to crap on them. My goal is to do neither. My goal here is to really evaluate what it takes to achieve those resolutions – to approach those resolutions with rigorous honesty. Let’s do an experiment:

Want to go the CrossFit Games Regionals? Ask those athletes what their days look like – multiple workouts, family sacrifices, careers put on hold, and very specific dietary needs. We haven’t even touched on genetic potential.

What about a more realistic resolution we’ll see a lot of this year? Getting in shape.

So, what does this look like? Probably working out 4-5 times/week, eating reasonable food, and exercising a minimal amount of discipline and consistency. Will work be busy? You bet. Will family get in the way? For sure. Will you get fired for working out? Of course not (if so, you need a new job). Will your family enjoy the new, vibrant, in shape you? Probably so.

My point is this: we’re very quick to make declarations of changes without making declarations of process. The mundane stuff. The things you do even though you don’t “feel” like it. Because – and I PROMISE you this: In 8 weeks you will not feel like sticking to your resolution but you can most certainly be honest about and live the process of your Resolution.