Simple Not Easy

I will never forget the first time a stranger reached out for fitness advice. It was a short Facebook message asking: “What can I take to help me lose weight, have more energy, and feel better?” My response: “Lift heavy weights often, eat lean meats and plenty of veggies, and sleep well.” I was novice in my capacity for letting people down easy.

The same rules of simplicity apply to weight loss as well – Burn more calories than you consume. Yes there are a lot of ways to go about this, but the physics of it all is pretty simple. It involves lifting weights a few times a week, elevating your heart rate a few times a week, eating veggies & lean meats, limiting alcohol and other sugars, and getting quality sleep.

Why, then, do diet books generate billions in revenue?

Because it is simple, not easy. A good set of rules for weight loss, fitness, muscle gain – whatever – is this:

  • The more complicated the “program”, the less likely it is to work.
  • It will be hard. You will be hungry, you will be sore, it will take some getting used to.
  • You will survive.
  • Change is incremental. You will need to create small, daily habits.
  • Rapid, 30 day challenge-type change will not last.

The diet industry plays into our inherent narcissism. It will let us know that we’re unique, that it won’t be difficult, and that “they” have the secret sacrifice-less formula for success. Not true.
Be confident knowing your path forward is simple. It won’t be easy, so find someone to stand in your corner.

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