Specialty Class FAQ

Who can do the Specialty Programs?

Anyone who is a member of CrossFit Memorial Hill has access to the specialty programs. Just like anything we do, everything can be scaled to current abilities with a goal of progression.

Must I use Specialty Programs to get fit?

Absolutely not! CrossFit is a general physical fitness program designed for maximum efficiency, work capacity, cardio, strength, flexibility, and speed. Specialty Programs exist for people that choose to focus on one or more aspects of fitness under more focused guidance from a coach who has received additional certification, training, or mentorship within a specific domain, such as olympic-style weightlifting, yoga, or gymnastics. The group CrossFit classes will all continue to provide ample programming and coaching opportunities to get you optimally fit.

How long do the programs run?

All specialty tracks will be 8 weeks long followed by a 2 week break.

How much do the specialty programs cost?

1 coached class/week for an 8 week session is $39 and 2 coached classes/week for an 8 week session is $79. Included in this is free access to over 20 hours of open gym time + an additionally programmed day of open gym work ($20 value).

Where does the money for specialty programs go?

On average, 1 specialty class costs a member $4.90. Here’s where that’s going:

$0.45 – Sales tax & bank processing fees
$2.16 – To your coach
$1.62 – New equipment for specialty programs
$0.67 – Operating expenses

For every hour that you’re being coached by a specialty coach, they’ve spent another hour behind the scenes programming, building, testing, and evaluating your program. Additionally, they’ve spent between $500-$1000 and hundreds of hours on certifications and continuing education out-of-pocket.

Additionally, the average equipment cost per athlete for a specialty program is $3,000 per class. That means you’re guaranteed access individually to that amount of equipment. As an athlete specializes in an area of fitness, the equipment needs also become more specialized. For that reason, we will begin to purchase specialty equipment, such as jerk & pulling blocks, to specifically serve the specialized athlete depending on the interest in specialty programming.

Where can I sign up?

Here are the upcoming specialty programs, beginning Jan. 5th. Go here to sign up:

Iron Hill
The Hill Strength Club

My schedule is weird. What if I can’t make all the classes?

You can purchase a specialty class punch card to be used for any of the specialty programs (Yoga, Iron Hill, The Hill Strength Club, etc). These are 5 Classes for $40 and 10 Classes for $70. These expire after one year.

Go here to purchase these:
5 Classes
10 Classes

I don’t want to do the specialty classes, but I’d like access to the staffed open gym times. 

Keep in mind Open Gym is free during a period you’ve purchased a specialty class. Additionally, Saturday 10-noon is still included in any group class membership. If you don’t currently have a specialty program membership and would like Open Gym access, follow the link to purchase Open Gym:

Open Gym Add-On

I still have questions. Who should I contact?

Iron Hill (Women’s Strength Club): Coach Al — alamp13@gmail.com
The Hill Strength Club: Coach Josh — Josh@CrossFitMemorialHill.com
General troubleshooting — matt@CrossFitMemorialHill.com

I want some specialized programming, but none of these strike my fancy. 

Awesome! I always love to receive feedback on what you want. Nutrition groups, mobility, education, gymnastics, rowing, etc are all options on the table. Let me know what you want to see in 2015!