The Sophomore Slump

I’ve been sitting on this video for quite awhile, debating on whether or not I should put it out there. I realized, after several weeks, that I compiled this list of mistakes through personal experience and failures. These were all hard-learned lessons that could have been understood and predicted had someone given me tools to address my own fitness practice.

Two brief and important caveats to this video: 1. This is for athletes & members that have been in the game for awhile and feel themselves beginning to plateau. If you’re just beginning your fitness journey (By that I mean you have less than 18-24 months of consistent training under your belt), this would be a good one to bookmark. 2. This list was developed through looking back at my own training logs. I only whittled it down after dozens of conversations with other athletes echoing the same issues. So if you feel as though you’re the only one experiencing these things, know you’re in good company. Enjoy!

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