What is Confidence?

Confidence is a weird thing. It is often conflated with arrogance or narcissism. But, almost no one would disagree with its importance. Why do we have such a hard time recognizing healthy confidence?

I think most people believe that confidence will be this place they arrive at when they finally reach their goals. As we’ve explored repeatedly, “reaching a goal” is often time an unending task. Pursuing your best self is an exercise that – hopefully – never ends.

If we’re in constant pursuit of a life well lived, does this mean we’ll never arrive at confidence?

I’d like to suggest that confidence can come with choice. While you may not be ready to experience confidence in yourself I’m almost certain you’ll be able to find some confidence in your choices.

Make it a practice to reflect on good choices – taking time for yourself, eating well, being nice to others, heading to the gym. Your choices will, ultimately, begin to weave into a picture of yourself, thereby giving you more confidence.

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