You’ll Be Fine

The holidays tend to be the time people contemplate health and fitness the most. Whether this is the year you finally stick to healthy habits or it’s the time of year when things fall off the wagon – we’re doing a lot of contemplation.

This certainly drums up a lot of feelings – I’m not as in shape as I once was. I’m going to lose all my gains over the holidays. I need to hit the gym extra hard to make up for _____.

While these feelings are completely normal, they allow us to run from reality – “getting in shape” is a slow steady process that can’t be achieved – or lost – in a 1 month period. Your work leading up to this point and the work you do after this time will culminate in years of healthy habits.

Sit with those feelings, but don’t react to them. You were fine before the holidays and you’ll be fine after. You are going to be just fine through the holidays. Stay consistent and enjoy yourself.