2/24/2015 Weekly Newsletter


The first week of the CrossFit Games Open is upon us and The Hill Games are in full swing! We look forward to seeing all the teams come out in full force.

We have a bit of a challenge for you: use the next five weeks as an opportunity to nail down your fit and healthy lifestyle. There is no better time than now to commit to the positive changes you’ve been waiting to make.

To whatever degree possible, plan your week around performing well at the Open Workouts. Eat well, get a lot of sleep, manage your stress levels, attend class regularly… you know, all those things you want to be doing anyway.

Now is the perfect time to take it to the next level because you have the support of your team backing you up! Help and encourage others the same way you want to be helped and encouraged and we are all sure to have a fabulous and fun Open Season.


The Hill Coaches


From Matt Scanlon, to any dedicated runner or cyclist: For this year’s “Endurance Class” I’m looking for some runners and cyclists to lead a weekly long interval. The ride/runs will meet at The Hill at 10:30 AM every Saturday for 1 hour of long-interval work.

Ideally, we’d have 4 cyclists & 4 runners rotate Saturdays each month for the 3 month season. We’ll provide programming, you provide inspiration. Email me at matt@crossfitmemorialhill.com if you’re interested in leading a group.

It’s not too late to sign up for Accelerated Fat Loss… Class starts this Thursday, get it on all the fun and finally see the results you deserve. If you have any questions, email sabrenamerrill@gmail.com.

New Paleo Grab’n’Go Lunches for you to enjoy… Check out these delicious homemade meals for only $7. Dishes include smoked turkey, smoked ham and flank steak. Great for any meal of the day!

Note: Specialty classes will resume after the Open…

The Hill Games

We will run the Open Workout all day Friday, with special heats running that evening from 5-7 PM. Come cheer on your team, everyone is welcome!

The Hill Radio featuring Adam Lamb

On coaching youth soccer, bringing the best out of others and your local pub

Over the next few weeks you’re gonna hear a lot more podcasts featuring awesome members of our community. You’ll love our talk with Adam. Not only does he have brilliant thoughts on coaching and selflessness, he also has a sweet British accent!

Coach’s Corner

All right, fess up, are you guilty of performing sloppy wallballs from time to time? Coach Josh is here to tell you why you should clean up this fundamental movement to protect yourself, and improve your scores.

That’s all for now. Have a wonderful Tuesday and we’ll see you at The Hill soon!