October Committed Club

As the year comes to a close, we begin to think about our goals; Some we forgot about, some we’re working towards, and others we’re planning for next year. You all continue to show up for yourself because you know it’s what you deserve – to treat your body to movement and endorphins. Cheers to another month in the Committed Club, and if it’s your first time – Welcome!

  1. Jeremy Evers, 17 classes
  2. Lynn Newkirk, 16 classes
  3. Katie Howland, 14 classes
  4. Colby Dolan, 14 classes
  5. Dustin Green, 13 classes
  6. Kylea Meneilly, 13 classes
  7. Bruno Rodriguez Escobedo, 12 classes
  8. Steve Busser, 12 classes
  9. Peter Batchelder, 12 classes
  10. Myranda Prather, 11 classes
  11. Lauren Kepler, 11 classes
  12. Aaron Verhei, 11 classes
  13. Chip Gibson, 11 classes
  14. Edna Lopez Martinez, 11 classes
  15. Jamie Caume, 10 classes

You can join them! Check in to 10 or more group classes (Fitness or Yoga), and win prizes along the way.

Committed Club rewards:

1 month –> Free FitAid

3 months in a row –> Exclusive T-shirt

6 months in a row –> Engraved tumbler

August Committed Club 2023

A new month means a new group of super committed folks. Cheers to the 19 who took 10+ group classes last month. You all showcase what it means to be dedicated to your fitness and wellbeing!

  1. Katie Howland: 22 Fitness
  2. Ryan Aviles: 18 Fitness, 2 Yoga
  3. Colby Dolan: 17 Fitness
  4. Kylea Meneilly: 17 Fitness
  5. Myranda Prather: 16 Fitness
  6. Jeremy Evers: 15 Fitness
  7. Maria Busser: 14 Fitness
  8. Steve Busser: 14 Fitness
  9. Alan Aguirre: 14 Fitness
  10. Lauren Kepler: 12 Fitness
  11. Carly Schlabaugh: 10 Fitness, 2 Yoga
  12. Dustin Green: 12 Fitness
  13. Lynn Newkirk: 11 Fitness
  14. Ian Chung: 11 Fitness
  15. Jesse MacKenzie: 10 Fitness
  16. Mindy Simmons: 10 Fitness
  17. Maggie Scanlon: 9 Fitness, 1 Yoga
  18. Alyse Zadalis: 10 Fitness
  19. Chip Gibson: 10 Fitness

Keep doing what you do, and we’ll keep celebrating.

Committed Club Rewards:

3 months consecutive –> Exclusive T-shirt

6 months consecutive –> Engraved tumbler


Referral Program Details

Help us build on our momentum! There is nothing more valuable to a small business like us than word of mouth referrals from you!

Introducing NEW athlete referral program!

Earn points throughout the month to earn your chance to be top ambassador and featured athlete!

Here’s how to earn!

1 pt – share our posts on social media (and tag @thehillkc to get credit)

2 pt – Create your own post about The Hill KC (and tag @thehillkc to get credit)

2 pt – Utilize your guest passes

3 pts – complete feedback form to leave a review

5 pts – google review

10pts – get a friend or family member to sign up!

Points will be tallied at the end of the month with winner announced.

Top Ambassador will be featured in newsletter, receive unlimited guest passes for the month, and 50% food and beverage purchases the whole month long!

Mental Fitness: Enhance your Performance

Check out our Daily Mental Fitness Program in SugarWod


THE MORNING ROUTINE – Mindfulness, Gratitude, Affirmations

Over the past few weeks, we have introduced all 5 components of our Mental Fitness Toolkit, designed to equip you with essential tools to navigate stress, overcome worry, and maintain focus when faced with the unexpected challenges of life.

At its core, our program promotes a simple prescription that, when consistently followed, cultivates a high-performance mindset. By incorporating these practices into your daily routine, you’ll discover  the ability to savor every moment and effortlessly navigate through life’s twists and turns.

Optimize Your Morning:

  1. Mindfulness: Carve out space in your morning to create intention and increase the gap between stimuli and your response. Embracing the power of mindfulness will allow you to navigate challenges with clarity and composure.
  2. Gratitude: Shift your perspective and recognize all the good in your life. By fostering gratitude, you can enhance your overall satisfaction with life, finding joy in the simplest of moments.
  3. Positive Affirmations: Embrace your true self and become your own biggest cheerleader. Reject self-doubt and limiting beliefs that hold you back. Celebrate who you are and the incredible potential you possess.

By intentionally incorporating these practices into your daily routine, you’ll gradually lighten the weight of adult life, fostering a greater sense of well-being and fulfillment.

Check SugarWod Mental Fitness Track every day where we will be providing you with invaluable insights and actionable steps to transform your mindset and experience life to the fullest.


Mindful Focus

When asked to move an external load from A to B, it’s natural to put all of your focus into completing the task and lose focus on what the body is actually doing, especially when you are fatigued during a workout.

Our intention with the Mindful Focus to cultivate a stronger connection between your mind and body. There are 5 Mindful Focus points that align with our 6 week strength cycle. By the final week of the 6 week cycle you will have had the opportunity to practice each mindful focus point and are ready to put it all together with maximum resistance.

Star Moment – Optimizing your Time at the Gym

The Process

Every time you arrive at the gym, Acknowledge there is a challenge ahead. Recognize your thoughts and how you are framing the challenge in your mind. Visualize yourself performing to the best of your ability and giving everything you have to give that day. Tackle the challenge, actually do the work.

At the final stretch of the workout, when fatigued and ready to back off,  your coach will remind you of the STAR MOMENT. An opportunity for you to dig deep, lean in to the challenge at hand, to remember why you’re here and push through because if you do.. you will get to where you want to be, and you’re almost there.. keep going. In just a few minutes, you will be finished and can move forward with your day PROUD of what you’ve accomplished! When the clock runs out, pause and Reflect, you did it! You badass!

Rinse and Repeat.

Each time you come to the gym, practice this repetitive thought pattern until it sticks.

Eventually you will find yourself responding to challenges out in the real world in the same way. Knowing it’s hard, but feeling confident and performing to the best of your ability, because you trained your mind to show up strong in the face of resistance.

June 2023 Committed Club

Congratulations to our dedicated members who attended 10 classes or more in the month of June! Your commitment, discipline, and hard work are truly inspiring.

  1. Ryan Aviles – 18 fitness , 1 yoga
  2. Melanie May – 15 yoga
  3. Aaron Verhei – 14 fitness
  4. Ian Chung – 14 fitness
  5. Katie Howland – 13 fitness
  6. Adam Balentine – 12 fitness
  7. Carly Schlabaugh – 9 fitness, 3 yoga
  8. Kylea Menielly – 12 fitness
  9. Bruno Rodriguez – 11 fitness
  10. Colby Dolan – 10 fitness, 1 yoga
  11. Rachael Mcdonald – 10 yoga

We recognize the effort it takes to consistently show up, stay motivated, and give your best in every time you show up. Your perseverance not only strengthens your own physical and mental fitness but also inspires those around you. You are an integral part of our fitness family, and your presence creates a vibrant and supportive atmosphere within our gym.

Thank you!

As a token of our appreciation, enjoy a FitAid. recovery beverage on us!

If you are consistently part of this group, the rewards will keep getting better and better!

3 months consecutive -> exclusive t-shirt

6 months consecutive -> engraved tumbler

Let’s Go!

Getting to Know More About : Sacred Roots Holistic Healing – Ryan Brown

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Ryan Owner, LMT, GTS
About Sacred Roots Holistic Healing:

Our goal is to provide customized massage sessions with an emphasis on relaxation, recovery or restorative results. Partnering with many health and wellness providers, we work with our clients to build wellness plans that stress the importance of preventative care. Come achieve balance of mind, body and spirit in a clean, safe, professional environment at Sacred Roots Holistic Healing. Let us help get you back to the BEST YOU possible!!!

Practicing since 2012 Ryan is proficient in many massage modalities.

He specializes in therapeutic/medical massage techniques such as Craniosacral Therapy, Trigger Point, Structural Integration, Myofascial Release, Sports Massage and Stretch Therapy.

Additionally, Ryan is Reiki, Prenatal, Lomi Lomi and Japanese Medical Massage certified. With many other continuing education classes and certifications under his belt, Ryan’s newest certifications are Graston Technique and Gua Sha. Both incorporate instruments that assist in treatments of scar tissue and fascial restrictions for faster rehabilitation and with greater results when the goal is restoring range of motion, eliminating pain, and restoring normal day to day function.

You can find Ryan at either of his two locations:

TheHill KC and at The Epic Sports Lodge in Independence – 19310 E 50th Terrace #D1, Independence, MO 64055

Besides himself, Ryan employees three additional therapists, Atina, Kathy and Tom. Kathy and Atina operate out of his Independence location, while Tom is building his schedule at TheHill!

Interested in booking a session? Just shoot a call or text to 816.714.0282


Newsletter: March 2018

December Newsletter


December 2017










“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
-Benjamin Franklin

food prep.jpg


We open the show with a discussion around a new model for behavior change from Ken Wilber. Next we look at a study of weight loss results from a “sweat suit.” The findings are surprisingly compelling despite our knee-jerk BS reaction. We wrap up talking about our biases as it relates to heat training and the sweat suit and the importance of recognizing bias when it comes to interacting with science.





Some of the topics discussed in this episode include…

-Taking responsibility for your body

-Scanny reviews: “Ingrid Goes West”  light of our discussion about discomfort.

-Does cash for working out work?

-What types of gyms have the most people going on a weekly basis?

-Scanny-ism: You can’t force your dog to poop.


|RE|set Class

Coach Mindy still has room for you in her |Re|Set Class! EveryThursday at 5pm, each class focuses on a particular movement or body part. Ensure that you’re moving well for the long term with this mid-week recovery session.


Use Your Coach

The Holidays are a tough time to keep consistency.

Click below to schedule a time to sit down 1-on-1 with your Crew Captain.


Traveling for the holidays?

We’ve got you covered.

Click below to find travel WODs. 


Rich Wood is our December 2017 Featured Athlete!

rich wood.JPG

We appreciate that Rich is super hardworking, consistent & coachable.

And we are so glad he is a part of our CrossFit Memorial Hill family.

Let’s get to know a little more about Rich!

What’s your athletic background? I am a lifetime long distance runner that has completed over 15 half marathons and 2 marathons.  However, I have never included a serious weightlifting program in my training routine.

What was your first experience with CF?  I discovered cross fit by observing classes at Memorial Hill.  I had…

Read Interview




CrossFit – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

When our athletes re-locate from Kansas City, I have the bittersweet pleasure of helping them find new CrossFit homes. Each time I do so, it’s a reminder that no two CrossFit Affiliates are alike. That’s my favorite part about the affiliate model. One may choose to do yoga after every Workout Of the Day (WOD) while the other could program bicep curls everyday.

The affiliate model is also precarious because it makes critique of the CrossFit training methodology incredibly difficult. Putting “CrossFit” in your blog headline almost guarantees a flurry of click-bait activity. With even a rudimentary understanding of the affiliate model, most people would realize that a criticism of methodology is a fruitless exercise.

But, I also believe that no methodology is – or should be – above reproach. For that reason, I’d like to offer up a critique of the methodology’s various interpretations. After all, a fair critique of methodology would require over 13,000 unique critiques to account for the over 13,000 unique interpretations. It would be absurd to state “Personal Training is bad,” right? Are there bad personal trainers? Sure. Are there great personal trainers? You bet.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular click-bait titles and parse out best – and worst – practices.

Critique – Working out for time is dangerous.

THE UGLY – Going to the gym everyday to complete a soul-crushing workout as fast as you…

Read More

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
― Simon Sinek

Meet With Your Coach.

Did you know that TheHillKC members can meet with your AMP Crew Captains during their weekly open office hours?

Stay engaged. Reach your goals:

Whether you just need to chat, want to start working toward a new skill, or have some questions – your coaches are here for you!


November Newsletter



“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”
-Coretta Scott King


Chalk Up for Burpees – A Veteran’s Day Event

All classes on Friday, Nov. 10th will participate in a workout to honor our nation’s heroes.


The Hill Turns 5!

Join us as we celebrate our 5th anniversary at Chicken N Pickle. We’ll have indoor and outdoor social area and three indoor courts from 3:30pm-6:30pm. Friends, family, and kids are all welcome!


Thanksgiving Schedule




“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”

-Michael Legrand

food prep.jpg


We focus on two different barriers people most often experience – motivation and stress/time management.



We tackle some tough listener questions. Does stretching actually do anything to improve functional range of motion? What is a better alternative? Does having someone “stretch you out” help at all?


November Featured Athlete

Paige Witter

Squats, Time with Fiancé Garrett, & PB Ice Cream are just a few of her favorite things.

“There are so many things that keep me coming back. To name a few-

1: The amazing staff and members of Memorial Hill, everyone is so friendly and inspiring.  2: …it has become something I look forward to doing everyday.  3: It’s sometimes the only place I see Garrett in a day…  4: It pushes me to be a better athlete everyday…”

We love the consistent hard work Paige brings into the gym, especially since she probably has the most crazy work schedule of anyone! You work hard on achieving new skills and always have a great attitude.

Read Interview




Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

Athlete Christi Crumpecker shares how to BULLET PROOF your workout routine by stetting achievable goals, allowing for pain & joy and finding your tribe, to name a few. Like Chisti, you help make CrossFit Memorial Hill such an incredible fitness tribe.

I keep this quote inside my front door. It’s my pep talk to myself before I leave for the day. Hanging in my bathroom:

 “In this house, we do difficult things”

On the back of my closet door, I’ve pasted some favorite movie lines that, while profanity-filled, reveal that courage is the reward for doing the thing you were scared to do.

I’m afraid of a lot of things, everyday. Big things, little things. Ones that scare you, too, and ones you’ve never thought of. As many of you know, I struggle with chronic depression and anxiety that sometimes leave me paralyzed with grief and worry. They have kept me out of the gym for months at a time, made medical training a struggle, and strained many of my relationships. Last fall and winter were difficult; I gave in to overwork and stopped maintaining my healthy practices…

Read More

Meet With Your Coach.

Did you know that TheHillKC members can meet with your AMP Crew Captains during their weekly open office hours?

Stay engaged. Reach your goals:

Whether you just need to chat, want to start working toward a new skill, or have some questions – your coaches are here for you!


October Member Updates



“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”
-Coretta Scott King



A weekly mobility, corrective movement, and recovery course. Thursdays @ 5pm

Read More



A functional physique course with a focus on nutrition for body composition – FULL.

Read More



A class for athletes age 60+ on Tues/Thurs at 9am. Free for all of October.

Read More


October Featured Athlete

Bob Hamilton

Lover of cleans, reading, and Stroud’s cinnamon rolls!

Get to know Bob:

Be sure to give him a high-five when you see him next!

Read More

BUILD: Functional Fitness for Cancer Survivors


Join us for FIVE classes of BUILD each week!

Tuesday/Thursday 4:45pm & 6:00pm

Saturdays 8:00am

Learn More



“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”

-Michael Legrand

food prep.jpg


Learn about how to prepare healthy foods on a budget. Be aware: there’s a difference between “Health Food” and Healthy Food.



Is there a difference between lifting for “tone” and lifting for “bulk”?





CrossFit is scary. Good – it should be.

I received another “CrossFit makes me nervous…” message on our website the other day. Like, for the 10,000th time. I try to put on my empathy hat each time I receive that message over and over and over and… well you get the idea. I’ve addressed the “CrossFit is scary and expensive” comment so many times that I’ve built out a whole slew of canned automated responses on various apps. You know, the typical points…

Read More

Meet With Your Coach.

Did you know that TheHillKC members can meet with your AMP Crew Captains during their weekly open office hours?

Stay engaged. Reach your goals:

Whether you just need to chat, want to start working toward a new skill, or have some questions – your coaches are here for you!