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The winning team of the Hill Games will be announced soon, don’t worry. For now, go check out our awesome community page to see tons of great pics from the Games. And continue reading to learn about all the awesome things we have planned for you this week at The Hill.

The Hill Coaches

Calendar of Events

This week… “Fit it Forward” at the Hill: Bring a friend to a CrossFit class any day this week for free as we ramp up the fun and put in some hard work. This opportunity doesn’t come around often. Get your friends in the door and let the WOD do its magic.

This week… Specialty Class Open House: Come check out any specialty class for free. If you have any questions, hit reply and we’ll help you out.The Hill Strength Club – Monday & Wednesday 6:30am-7:45am
Iron Hill – Ladies only. Tuesday 6:00am
The Hill Barbell Club – Olympic-Style Weightlifting. Thursday 7:00am
The Hill Competitors – All levels are welcome. Tuesday 6:45pm & Saturday 11:00am
The Hill CC (Cycling Club/Cross Country)* – Will take off from the gym Saturday 11:00am.

*Please visit the Facebook page for more info as this is a member-led and member-organized club.

Please note this is just the Open House Schedule. Full schedule and sign-up information will follow next week.
Saturday 4/4… 12 PM… Paleo Lunch’n’Learn…Evolve Paleo Chef will be at The Hill to serve you a delicious, healthy lunch and discuss the ins and outs of healthy, sustainable eating. It’s only $10 for a full lunch and discussion. Sign up here, now!

Fundamentals classes are now offered in the morning!… We are now offering free trial and fundamentals classes at 7 AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays (& Saturdays at 10 AM.) If you or a friend have been waiting for morning slots to open up at The Hill, now’s your chance! Sign up before classes fill up. 

The Hill Radio Coaches’ Corner: Matt Scanlon and Kyle J Smith on WODing ’til your deathbed, infinite spiderwebs and what to do when CrossFit sucks

Do you find yourself gungho about CrossFit one week and completely burnt out two weeks later? Are you dealing with nagging injuries that continue to slow down your progress? Matt and Kyle are here to help with practical ways you can stick with CrossFit for the long haul.

Coaches’ Corner

Wanna get a strict pull up? Do better ring rows…Coach Josh demonstrates why core strength and control is important in our basic upper body pulling movements: the ring row and pull up.

That’s all for now. Have a wonderful Tuesday and we’ll see you at The Hill soon!